Messa Restaurant

Messa is a stunningly decorated haute-cuisine restaurant with a name as one the most desirable places to be seen and a price tag that matches. The white-on-white design of the restaurant is daring and there are two long communal tables running down the length of the dining room, surrounded by white upholstered armchairs.  These tables are surrounded by open areas that contain more conventional tables.
The talented chef Aviv Moshe creates gourmet dishes that are constantly changing with rich meat dishes, stunning appetizers, delectable seafood and refreshing salads, all accompanied by a well-thought-out wine list. Combinations of various tastes that seem impossible and taste heavenly and fine, raw ingredients make the food truly spectacular and a meal at Messa is far beyond a mere meal- it is a true culinary experience.




address: 19 Ha’arbaa Street

phone: 03-685-6859

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 12:00-15:30, 19:00-23:30

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Charlotte Noris

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3 thoughts on “Messa Restaurant

  • The number one choice
    The feel of the place is completely out of this world. The meals served perfectly turn your taste buds on, while long-lasting taste of the wine takes you to another world. The service by the skilled and well trained staff of Messa is amazing while the bar attracts the fun-loving from another entry. If a date be arranged here, this place will surely make it unforgettable!

  • A dinner worth the price
    A surprise awaited us when we found a restaurant without windows in front of us, on getting out of the taxi. On entering its doors, an enchanting room decorated with exquisite furniture and curtains, lightly lit with candles on the center table, awaited us. Our excitement grew as we were waited on by the best waiters and were served out of a great variety, the food that left an unforgettable taste on our taste buds. Although it was pricey, but was worth the money we paid. We would love to visit it again. If you too are looking for the best food and a fantastic atmosphere, do not miss on Messa!

  • The Upmarket Restaurants
    I celebrated our memorable wedding anniversary with my wife at Messa. Not only was the food delicious, the restaurant boasted beautiful and comfy atmosphere. All the dishes were up to the mark and hugely flavorsome; from nicely cooked salmon to the delicious steak and the exceptional butcher’s cut. The macaroons that followed the main course and accompanied the strawberries, made our dessert appetizing. The swift and smooth service was commendable and so was the mood of the place. I totally recommend it!


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