Pasta Mia Restaurant

Pasta Mia is owned by Giorgio and Maya, who learnt the art of pasta making and Italian cuisine from Giorgio’s Italian parents and having spent time in Italy learning cookery, they also learnt the secrets of pasta-making from an old lady who owned a pasta shop there. on their return they decided to open Pasta Mia, a place dedicated to showing people the magical world of pasta and having them enjoy it in a place that would make them feel like they’ve come home.
Every day different pastas and sauces are available to buy and prepare at home impressing everyone with your Italian cuisine cooking skills, or to eat and enjoy in the restaurant that has a great atmosphere and excellent service. What makes Pasta Mia especially distinctive, apart from the handmade pasta and sauces, is the additional seafood and fish on offer.



address: 10 Wilson Street

phone: 03-561-0189

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 12:00-00:00 (deliveries until 23:00)

Categories : Restaurants

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