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Charcuterie Restaurant Charcuterie combines outdoor dining, fantastic meat dishes and a lively atmosphere. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 38 votes

Charcuterie is the unique combination of a lively atmosphere, outdoor dining and fantastic meat dishes. The location of the restaurant on a side street by the Jaffa flea market, adds to the character of the place.
The specialty of Charcuterie is, unsurprisingly, meat dishes and different kinds of sausages, along with salumi, sirloin steak and veal are offered. The handmade sausages and ham are legendary. The dishes are medium-sized and there is also a selection of simple pasta, fish and vegetable dishes but the place is definitely for the carnivores among us. The lively atmosphere moves up a notch after 22:00 and it has not been unknown for dancing to break out.


address: 3 Rabi Hanina Street

phone: 03-682-8843

Open Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-01:00, Sun Closed

Categories : Restaurants

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Matt Z.
Food Food! reviewed June 15, 2013

The overall aura of the restaurant is good and so is the French, German and Alsasian food. You should pay Charcuterie a visit, preferably in the winters in order to savor the right taste of the food.
Ann C.
Great! reviewed April 12, 2013

The seating is mostly found to be on the streets outside because of the limited capacity inside. The food at Charcuterie is good if you have the taste for such kind of food.
Not Good Any More reviewed March 16, 2013

After the switch in the Charcuterie’s management and chef, the place has lost all of its charisma. The restaurant supplies chicken, beef as well as seafood but the meat we got wasn’t all that. To top it all, they made us wait half an hour for our fries and we ended up with burnt fries which weren’t even replaced!

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