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Odelia Restaurant Odelia serves legendary home-made Libyan food at mouth-droppingly cheap prices. rating : 4 4 0 out of 5 / 26 votes

This discreet restaurant is tucked away on Ben Yehuda street- the kind of place you've probably walked past time and time again without even realizing it. Now we're going to let you in on a true gem of a place- this restaurant is incredibly cheap and serves fine Tripolitai (Libyan) food.  The décor is simple and homey and makes you feel like you've walked into momma's kitchen.
The stews and meat dishes are by far the best dishes on offer but having said that, the Hummus and falafel are , in their own right, quite…well, perfect. If you’re short on time, you can pick up those dreamy falafel balls at the stand next to the restaurant. You simply won't be disappointed, no matter what you order here; anything from the salad, warm pitta and chicken soup will keep you coming back for more to this legendary restaurant whose bills will make your mouth drop- due to their incredibly low totals!


address: 89 Ben Yehuda

phone: 057-9443090

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 10:30-00:00, Fri 10:00 until Shabbat comes in

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