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Dizengoff Street Dizengoff Street; a lively, exciting street full of eateries, bars, boutiques and Israeli designer stores. rating : 4 4 0 out of 5 / 26 votes

Dizengoff Street is the only street in Israel that coined a new word, based solely on the iconic status of the street. That's right, did you just "hizdangeff " or Dizengoff yourself? This amusing slang word pays tribute to Dizengoff Street's peak days after it was named after the first mayor of Tel aviv, Meir Dizengoff. Dizengoff Street represented the vibrant cultural life that rocked Tel Aviv at that time. In the seventies and eighties, it fell out of favor due, in part, to the Dizengoff Center mall that made its mark on the neighborhood. In recent years, Dizengoff has begun to enjoy a revival with new restaurants, shops and cafés popping up frequently, creating a lively, exciting location.
Dizengoff Street is located at the corner of Ibn Gabirol Street, runs past the Dizengoff Center and Dizengoff Square and ends by the Tel Aviv boardwalk. Eateries run along the entire street and bars and boutiques are more concentrated at the northern end. Some of the best Israeli designers sell their creations on Dizengoff and the variety of clothing is extensive- on this one street one can pick up wedding dresses, handmade shoes, fifties-style clothing, original children's clothing and vintage clothing.
Dizengoff Square is found in the center of the street and is a fountain with a moving display of fire and water, created by Yakov Agam. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the Creative Artists Fair is held at the Square and local artists display their glass, ceramic, metal works, jewelry, paintings and sculptures.
The Dizengoff Center mall is also located on Dizengoff Street and houses designer shops, global chains, fast food, entertainment in the form of two cinemas and health centers that include two gyms and a swimming pool.
There are some lovely hotels on Dizengoff Street for those looking for accommodation in the area, such as the Hotel Cinema, located at 1 Zamenhoff Street which is built in the Bauhaus style that Tel Aviv is famous for.
Be sure to pay a visit to this shopper's heaven and to report home on how it is to l'hizdangeff down the legendary Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv.


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