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Gan Ha'ir Gan Ha'ir is a lovely half-open shopping center with shops and restaurants on international standards. rating : 3.5 3.5 0 out of 5 / 2 votes

Adjacent to Rabin Square and just off Ibn Gvirol Street, is a lovely half-open shopping centre that goes by the name of Gan Ha'ir (The City Garden in English). The shopping centre is known for having shops and restaurants that are on international standards, with chain stores sharing the space with exclusive brand stores.
Gan Ha'ir opened in the late eighties and was considered the most elite shopping centre in Tel aviv. Today, the compact, well-kept shopping centre still has some very elegant and expensive shops, and one can find almost everything here, ranging from clothing to carpets, jewelry to house-ware, from restaurants to night-clubs. The greenery is lush, the fountains sparkling and the City Garden Shopping Centre is just waiting to be explored…


address: 71 Ibn Gvirol Street

phone: +972-3-5279111

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 9:30-21:30, Fri 9:30-16:30, Saturday 20:30

Categories : Shopping , Malls

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