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Ha Tachana HaTachana Complex in Neve Tzedek is the perfect location for a day out. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 35 votes

HaTachana, Hebrew for "the station" refers to the old Tel aviv railway station, located between Jaffa and the renovated neighborhood of Neve tzedek. HaTachana complex is a magical place where history, modernity and commercialism seamlessly fuse, creating a lovely day out complete with excellent cafés, unique boutiques and two weekly markets.
From the end of the nineteenth century until the establishment of the State, the railway station served as the final stop on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line. The site decayed after the railway closed until 2005, when the Tel Aviv municipality took it over and began to renovate. The shops and cafés that grace the complex's sixteen different buildings today were created so as to fund the project. In 2010, HaTachana was officially re-opened as a stylish pedestrian-only area that successfully pays tribute to the rich history of the place while simultaneously embracing the always-changing character of the city.
Cafés currently open in HaTachana include Café Tachana, located in the original station building, offering a variety of light breakfast foods, Café Greg, a well-known coffee-shop chain that offers drinks and snacks, Vaniglia for delicious, freshly-made ice-cream, Shushka Shvili, famous for their 100+ beers from around the world and tapas plates, with a magnificent rooftop-view of Jaffa and Italika B'Tachana that specializes in southern Italian food.
Speciality stores worth popping in to include the one-of-a-kind souvenir store Made in TLV that offers the best of Tel Aviv creativity in souvenirs that are simply fantastically atypical, Ahava, where you can purchase some of the world-famous natural Dead Sea Products, that have powerful effects on the skin and Gaya, a store that offers intriguing puzzles and games, many invented and hand-crafted on Moshav Hagor.
Thursday nights at HaTachana see the "Unique" trades fair being hosted with the best of Israeli talent in art, design and concepts displaying their goods against a background of live music. The "Unique" market is on from 7:00 PM 'til 12:00 AM and a number of hours later makes way for the "Orbanic" (urban organic) organic fruit and vegetable market that takes place on Fridays between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. The "Orbanic" market displays eco-friendly produces for the house and personal care.


address: HaTachana is located south of Neve Tzedek, next to the IDF history museum at 1 Koifmann St., Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.

Open Hours: HaTachana is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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Come day or night, HaTachana is great! reviewed June 3, 2013

You cannot pass through Tel Aviv without visiting HaTachana! Daytime sees eclectic markets and chic boutiques, nightime sees fun, buzzing nightlife.
Great retail therapy ;) reviewed April 26, 2013

If you're looking for a perfect shopping day out- look no further- boutiques, restaurants and galleries- just perfect
Worth a visit! reviewed September 23, 2012

A fun place to visit, weekends tend to be crowded so if crowds don't do it for you be warned. some lovely galleries.

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