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Kikar HaMedina Kikar HaMedina is the place to go for those wanting to do some high-end shopping in Tel Aviv. rating : 3 3 0 out of 5 / 7 votes

Kikar HaMedina ( translates to mean "The State's Square") is located in northern Tel aviv and is the place to go if you get the urge for some high-end shopping whilst visiting Tel Aviv. Extravagant designer shops, luxurious boutiques and top-end jewelry stores line the streets. This is the place to find international name brands such as Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Gucci- this shopping area is considered the most exclusive, stylish and pricey that there is in Tel Aviv.
The shops in Kikar HaMedina sit around a circular, non-descript plaza which doesn't reflect the high-class shopping experience that surrounds it yet provides somewhere pleasant to rest those weary feet after exploring the shops. In addition, there are a number of cafés and bakeries in the area to help you re-fuel before continuing on your retail therapy.
For those with the means and the love of fashion, Kikar HaMedina is unarguably the place to pick up items that simply scream "chic".
If you still have energy left after your shopping spree, or are with companions who are less-shopping inclined, be sure to pay a visit to the nearby Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which is located on the nearby 27 Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, Israel's main art museum and a cultural hub. Additionally, the Wine Press Garden, a Hellenistic archaeological site is also close to Kikar Hamedina- ideal for all those history fanatics.


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