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Dominican Republic hiking: best trails and places for you to enjoy

Many tourists go hiking in the Dominican Republic. This country is rich in natural and historical attractions and beautiful landscapes. More about the Dominican Republic hiking trails we describe in this article.

Dominican Republic hiking

Where is the Dominican Republic

Before exploring the Dominican Republic hiking trails, you should determine the location of the country. It is located in the Caribbean Sea, namely on an island called Hispaniola.

On the west side is Haiti. Numerous attractions can be found here.In order not to get lost, and to know exactly where to go, it is better to take care of preparing a map.

Expectations from the Dominican Republic hiking

Many people wonder, is there good hiking in Dominican Republic? Hiking in this country is incomparable with anything.

If you are wondering if the Dominican Republic is good for backpacking, then you should understand that here you do not find paved paths and signs.

For this reason, experienced tourists are advised to take a high-quality GPS navigator. You can also order a guide who takes you to the best hiking trails in the country.

Is it better to go with a guide or on your own?

Guide prices may vary depending on the area you are in. The cost is also affected by the complexity and length of the hiking trail.

On average, you have to pay a guide about 1000 Dominican pesos per person. If a group of 4 people goes on a hiking trail, then for 6 hours the total amount is 2500 pesos. Be sure to bring plenty of drinking water with you.

This is because the hot Caribbean climate prevails in the Dominican Republic.

It is important to protect yourself with the right clothing. Almost all hiking tours around the country are free. That is why it is a great option for travelers on a budget.

Dominican republic hiking trail: the best places

There are many interesting hiking trails in the Dominican Republic. They can be conditionally divided into difficulty levels. Let’s talk about each group.

The best hiking trails for beginners

If you are hiking for the first time, you should first pay attention to simple routes. They do not require special physical effort, so they do not exhaust themselves. More about the best hiking trails for beginners, you can read below.

Walk along the beach of Punta Cana

On Punta Cana, you can get acquainted with the excellent beaches, which offer a beautiful view of the ocean. On average, you can walk up to 12 miles in each direction. The area is flat, so walking in it is a real pleasure.

To get to the Punta Cana beach, you should move from the hotel in the resort of Bavaro.

This option is safe. Therefore, single tourists choose it. You don’t have to travel to remote parts of the country. Even those who live in all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana can go on a hiking trail.

Initially, it may seem that Punta Cana is not the best for adventure. However, as soon as tourists walk 10-12 minutes along the soft beach, their impressions completely change.

Walking along the beach in Punta Cana can be breathtaking if you know where to go. More details about the most interesting places near Punta Cana we describe below.

Anamuya mountains near punta cana

This mountain range is located near Punta Cana. The peak is Mount Loma Prieta Higuey. Its height is 1800 feet. It offers excellent views of the east of the Dominican Republic after the long and steady climb.

Many are wondering, can you climb the mountains in the Dominican Republic? Yes, on the territory of the Dominican Republic you have the opportunity to hiking trails in the mountains. Even if you can’t find a path to climb the mountain, you can use a dirt or farm road. Fortunately, there are many.

Along the way, you can see numerous plants and fruits. If you have any questions, the guide will be happy to tell you everything.

Path to Cascada Blanca

If you want to get to the waterfall and see all its beauty, you have to go to Cascada Blanca near Punta Cana. This waterfall is in the community of Pedro Sanchez. It is in great demand among tourists.

You can see beautiful landscapes, lush vegetation, and numerous pools in which you can swim to cope with the heat.

There are several mountains in the area that also attracts attention.

Path to Los Haitises National Park

This National park is on the list of the most beautiful places in the entire Dominican Republic. You can get to the National park from Punta Cana by car or bus in just a few minutes. In doing so, you do not have to sacrifice your all-inclusive holiday.

Most of the tours in the National park involve the use of a boat. However, it is best to walk on foot to enjoy all the beauty of the landscapes. On the way to National parks, you pass through the forest of Los Haitises, and you can see its numerous vegetation.

There are also beautiful caves here. You can see the drawings in them that were left by the native inhabitants of the Dominican Republic – Taino. All these things make the tour very attractive to tourists.

On the way back, you can take a boat. This speeds up the hotel’s return and allows you to visit San Lorenzo Bay. There are huge mangroves here.

The path along Bavaro beach

Some may think that a walk along the beach is not a hiking trail. Bavaro Beach is about 12 miles long. Therefore, you can safely spend a day walking around it.

In this case, the entire path has to go on the sand. Therefore, it is better not to take shoes with you, but to walk barefoot. So you better feel the atmosphere of the region.

Sendero Padre Nuestro hiking trail

If you like the scenery of the lagoon or caves, you can walk along the Sendero Padre Nuestro trail, which was created especially for walkers. It is in fairly good condition and boasts signs. Walking on it is not difficult because there are no slopes. Only when descending into the cave, there are several steps.

There is a trail in Bayahibe. You can get here from Bavaro in just 1 hour. Despite its equipment, few tourists come here.

Walking tour of Montaña Redonda

Here you can take beautiful photos on the swings, which are located on the edge of the gorge. The length is about 1 mile. The peak is at 800 feet.

There are no pointers here. However, from the parking lot itself, one path leads you to the mountain. Having reached the top, you can see an excellent panorama that overlooks the Oriental Cordillera. You can also consider the beauty of the ocean and plants.

On the edge of the mountain, in addition to swings, there are hammocks. This is an excellent location for photos. Finding a walking path is pretty easy. Despite its short length, the slope is quite steep. Therefore, you have to make a little physical effort.

Salto Jimenoa in the Dominican Republic

This place offers an excellent view not only of the beautiful nature. There is a waterfall here, which helps to refresh. The length of the attraction is about 1 mile one way. The height of the hill is 600 feet in each direction. In this case, the path is first down, and then up.

To find parking, just type the name Salto Jimenoa into Google Maps. You find the path to the waterfall on your own. The trail starts from the parking lot, which is a 15-minute drive from Jarabacoa.

Many people wonder, does the Dominican Republic have waterfalls? It is in Salto Jimenoa – one of the most famous waterfalls in the Dominican Republic.

First, you need to go down into the canyon. It is here that the waterfall forms beautiful natural swimming pools.

You can swim in it if you wish. It is best to leave a little energy for the way back because you have to climb, which is more energy-intensive.

Salto El Lemon in the Dominican Republic

This area also features a beautiful waterfall, against which you can make excellent photos. There are 1-3 miles in each direction.
It all depends on which route you choose. The area is characterized by short descents and ascents.

Each route is marked on the map. Pointers are also provided. The paths start in the direction from El Limon towards Santa Barbara de Samana. It is recommended to come to the waterfall early in the morning, before 9 am. Thanks to this, the entire attraction is at your disposal.

If you come a little later, you can enjoy all the beauties of the territory, which is distinguished by excellent picturesqueness.

Here you can see beautiful plants, towering lush mountains, interesting paths, and unusual river crossings.

In Salto El Limón there are several different routes for walking, or rather, there are 5 of them. Each of them has a length of 30-75 minutes in each direction. Therefore, you should understand in advance that it takes a long time to go.

Medium-difficulty Dominican Republic hiking trail

If you already have experience in hiking, these few points are the best option. About the Dominican Republic hiking trail, we talk in more detail below.

La Rejolia

This attraction is different in that it combines 4 secluded waterfalls. This is a great option for those tourists who are not so impressed by ordinary phenomena. The length is 2 miles one way. It has hills, as well as small descents and ascents.

You won’t find signage here. The beginning of trip starts in the Kama. You can get there from Puerto Plata.

The journey from Puerto Plata takes only 20 minutes by car or bus. If you come to the Dominican Republic, you simply must visit this place.

Here are collected several incredible waterfalls that are saturated with a turquoise river. It flows along the Cordillera Septentrional mountain range, which runs parallel to the northern coast of the country. It’s near Puerto Plateau. There are many all-inclusive resorts here.

La Rejolia is in great demand among tourists. This is because this place is not known to everyone.

At the same time, there are excellent landscapes and good structures. All waterfalls included in the system are connected by a path. It continuously follows the river, which creates an amazing design.

There are several turns on the Dominican Republic hiking trail. Some of them are a wall that is 6 feet high. To go further, you have to climb the wall. To facilitate, there are recesses and stones, so pulling up is not difficult.

There are often difficulties in finding the trail. That is why it is better to take care of the guide in advance. Each of the waterfalls has its natural swimming pools, so you can create many amazing shots.

Dominican Republic hiking trail to a network of beaches

The main highlight of the trip is a walk along several beaches that overlook the Caribbean. You have to walk at least 4-5 miles in each direction. It is not necessary to go back on foot because you can rent a boat, or order a taxi.

The territory is flat; however, there are several minor hills. You won’t find signage here. The road starts at Las Galeras or Playa Rincón.

This is a great place for those who prefer to walk along the coastline rather than look for waterfalls.

A distinctive feature of this area is that there are many pristine beaches here. At the end of the path, you reach Playa Rincon. This beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. The trail is continuous and allows you to arrange an excellent walk along the ocean.

The path may be different. At first, you walk along the coast, after which you fall into a grove of coconuts.

You also have to go uphill a little. You may be on some beaches yourself. This is a great place to think and meditate.

In the end, you can relax in one of the shacks that line Playa Rincon. Here you can order drinks and enjoy fresh fish.

Playa Hermitano

The main attraction of this beach is that, according to legend, Robinson Crusoe stayed here. The length of the coastline is about 1 mile. The territory has stable descents and ascents. You won’t find signage here.

Getting to the beach is pretty easy. From El Limón, which is half an hour from Las Terrenas, head towards Agua Sabroso. After that, you need to move towards Playa Las Canas. The beach is located on the Samana Peninsula.

Playa Hermitano is considered the most remote beach on the entire peninsula. To get to it, you have to walk or take a boat for about 90 minutes.

The beach consists of two parts, which are connected by an additional path. You can walk through it in 20 minutes.

If you have ever imagined the beach where Robinson Crusoe stayed, then when you see Playa Hermitano, you are not disappointed. It is very rare to meet people here, so you have the opportunity to be in the place of the protagonist of a famous novel.

Traveling around this place is very exciting. After all, the path begins on another wild beach, the length of which is 2 miles. This pristine beach is called Playa Las Cañas. On the pristine beaches, you have to climb a little on the rocks and cross the plantations on which exotic fruits grow. After that, an excellent observation deck opens.

Salto de la Jalda

Here you can see the highest waterfall in the Dominican Republic. The length of the road is about 5.5 miles one way. The path is flat. However, there are occasional short slopes. Almost all of them are at the end of the road.

You won’t find signage here. You can get to the point from Magua. This is where the trail starts. Salto de la Jalda is considered the longest route in the Dominican Republic. However, believe me, you remain under a pleasant impression of the path.

This path was included in the list of paths of medium difficulty because it is flat. You have to pass by huge plantations where cocoa grows. Be prepared for a lot of walking. You have to walk at least 5 miles in one direction.

Despite such a long journey, pleasant emotions await you at the end. After all, the view opens the highest waterfall in the country. It may be considered the highest in the entire Caribbean. It is impossible to say exactly because calculations are being made now.

You enjoy the beauty. After all, there are practically no people here. On average, you can see no more than 10 people per day.

Difficult Dominican Republic hiking trail

If you are an experienced tourist, pay attention to the following tours.

El Mogote

There is an excellent view of nature here. You have to walk about 3 miles in each direction. The height is quite high. You have to go through a steep climb, gaining an altitude of about 3000 feet.

There is a sign about the beginning of the trail. After, at the nearest intersection, you have to turn left. The road starts near Jarabacoa.

El Mogote is a great mountain with excellent views. You can see the Jarabacoa Valley from a bird’s-eye view, as well as other mountains. The hike does not take more than half a day. There is a steep climb, so this is a great option for experienced hikers.

Additional difficulties may arise after rain, as the trail is wet and muddy. It is better not to go on this hike if it is rainy outside.

If you manage to overcome all the difficulties, fantastic panoramic views open up to your eyes. To get to the beginning of the trail more conveniently, use a moto concho.

Pico Duarte

This is the highest mountain in the Dominican Republic. The fastest way to the top is 28 miles. The climb is long and steady. Altitude differences can be up to 7,500 feet. Pointers are rare, so it is better to go along with a guide.

There are five different entry points to get to Pico Duarte. For a hike, it is better to hire a park ranger, or to become a member of the tour. If you can make it all the way, you can get to the top.

The peak is 10,000 feet above sea level. From here you can enjoy the extraordinary beauty of Central Mountain. To reach Pico Duarte, you have to spend 2-3 days. It is best to go along with an experienced guide who has a certificate for the activity.

To make you feel calmer, you have to book a tour with a special tour operator.

This allows you to have everything you need with you, including a sleeping bag, mattresses, food, water, etc.

Despite the lack of technicality, the path is quite long. The fastest way is 14 miles. At the same time, altitude differences can reach 6000 feet.

If you prefer a variety of routes, it is better to cross between different trails. This allows you to explore different approaches to Pico Duarte.

Here you have to deal with temperature differences. If you come to this place between December and March, the temperature drops to 0 °F.

The path from Playa Rincon to Playa el Valle

If you like to explore nature, you definitely like this travel option. The length of the path in one direction is 10 miles.

You can get back by taxi or by public transport. You have to climb the unique mountain for about 1500 feet. At the same time, you do not find signboards and pointers here.

The previously mentioned walk consists of the study of 7 beaches. However, you can take advantage of a more difficult variation that starts at Playa Rincon. From there you need to get to the beach of Playa El Valle, which is no less attractive.

Here you can see the highest point of the peninsula, which is at an altitude of 1200 feet. You see a stunning view that you remember for a lifetime. In this case, you have to go through plantations with bananas, as well as tropical jungles.

To many, based on the description, it seems that the path is not difficult. However, in practice, some trails can be so muddy that you load them up to your knees. Therefore, it is quite difficult to overcome the path, especially if there is no physical preparation.

However, all your efforts are justified as soon as you reach the beach. After all, here you can enjoy a coconut cocktail overlooking the ocean.

Canon de Arroyo Frio

This attraction is in demand because there are about 50 natural pools. You can also see cascades and beautiful waterfalls. The length of the path is 4.5 miles. The path is quite flat, and you have to walk down the slope. There are no signs here.

Today, there is a large percentage of tourists who have thoroughly explored the Dominican Republic on foot. If you’re looking to combine a hiking experience with some serious water fun, this is the way to go.

Canyon de Arroyo Frio has turquoise and clear water in the river that flows in the mountain range. Located near Cabarete. It is better to arrange a walk along the canyon with a guide. Most of the way you have to walk on the water. There are many sections here that you have to wad. You may have to swim.

Traveling through this canyon allows you to be filled with pleasant emotions that you remember for a lifetime. After all, you have to go through 50 pools and waterfalls. Some waterfalls can be up to 66 feet high. Jumps may be included in the tour, from a height of 33 feet.

If a person has insufficient physical fitness, it is quite difficult to walk on stones and ponds. However, the endpoint of the path makes you repeat this journey.

Cost of a two-week stay

If you plan to stay in the Dominican Republic for about two weeks, you have to stock up on money. On average, about 6,000 reais are required per person per day. You can have money in cash or on a card.

Transport cost

First, you need to determine how you plan to move around the country. It is possible to rent a car daily. Every day you have to pay about 3000 reais for it. The cost of gasoline is 50 reais per liter.

Gas stations in the Dominican Republic close at 18:00.

You can travel by public transport. The cost of the bus is 50 reais. If you want, you can order a taxi. At the same time, its prices are very affordable. On average, for a long trip, you have to pay about 2200 reais.

Cost of food and drinks

In the Dominican Republic, you can spend up to $33 a day on food and drink. You should try the national dish – sancocho. To prepare it, beef, potatoes, and cassava are used. It costs about $200, but it’s worth it.

You should try the real rum. If you don’t drink alcohol, order a milkshake. The check in the restaurant per person is 1000 reais. The cost of a cup of coffee is 125 reais.

Cost of living

The Dominican Republic is famous for the fact that here you can find housing at any cost. You can stay in a 5-star hotel or stay in a hostel. If you want to get a room with a double bed, you have to pay about 4000 reais.

Entertainment cost

Almost all tourists prefer to bask on the beach. If you want to go to the cinema, you have to pay about 250 reais. The cost of museums is about 150 reais.


As you can see, hiking in the Dominican Republic is very exciting. You can choose a path option based on your physical fitness, as well as your capabilities. After all, the cost of the guide is not affordable for everyone.

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