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Best time to travel to Africa: popular destinations

Africa is in high demand among tourists. It is safe to say that this is a wild continent where you can see wild animals. However, it is important to know the best time to visit Africa because each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Africa trip ideas in detail you can find in this article.

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When is the best time to travel to Southern Africa?

Many people are wondering when is the best time to visit Africa for animal game viewing and relaxation. Especially if you plan to visit Southern Africa with its capital Cape Town. Several countries in South Africa are in great demand among tourists. There is Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and of course Cape Town.

South Africa deserves special attention.

Regardless of where you go, there is an opportunity to watch wild animals.

The best time for this is from May to October. Plants begin to wither, so a good animals game viewing opens up.

Best time to visit Pemba

If you go north from Durban, you get to Pemba. Here you can swim in the warm sea, as well as soak up the sun on the beach. In early winter, you can walk through the Kalahari Desert with the Bushmen. It is important to remember that some places may be closed. After all, the weather is not very favorable for work.

However, in winter there are few tourists in South Africa, so prices are lower than usual. If your purpose of the trip is a gastronomic and tasting tour, it is better to come to the Cape Winelands from September to April. If you come here from May to July, you can see numerous marine animals. The entire coast begins to fill with sharks, sardines, dolphins, and seabirds.


In Namaqualand, you can see excellent landscapes with blooming daisies. And the best time for this is August and September. If you visit Africa between September and November, you can see the southern right whales mating. After all, they are close to the coast. Such events often take place in Hermanus.

In summer, humid and rainy weather prevails. However, while hiking, you can see antelopes and zebras, as well as their cubs. It is from November that you can come to South Africa to watch migratory birds. Almost all parks have excellent roads.

Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls is recommended from March to May. It was during this green season that the full volume of the waterfall is distinguished. From the beginning of August, the flow of water decreases, so you can walk around Livingston Island and Devil’s Pool.

During this period, the peak season crowds begin to increase, so the prices for everything rise. In this green season, you can see huge herds of elephants that look very harmonious against the backdrop of wildlife. The largest number of elephants lives in the north of Botswana, as well as in Zimbabwe.

Okavango Delta

From April-June, the Okavango Delta has the highest amount of water. So the rivers start to overflow. But with the advent of July, and until October, the number of wild animals increases. This is the best time to drive through Linyanti, as the roads are already dry and easy to pass.

If you want to see red lechwe, then you should come to Southern Africa from July to October. Animals run in shallow water. You can often see them being chased by adapted lions that can swim.

Sossusvlei dunes

If your plans include getting to know the dunes of Sossusvlei, you can come to Africa at any time of the year. However, it is in June and July that the air temperature at night actively begins to decrease.

When rainfall increases, you can visit the Caprivi Strip from December to March.

Given that the area begins to fill with water, the likelihood of contracting malaria increases. Almost all safaris that are located in Zambia are open only for the period from April to November. This is because the rest of the time, floods worsen the quality of roads.


If you are planning to travel to Malawi, try to avoid crossing between December and March. After all, because of the constant rains, the roads are extremely dangerous. Considering that the main part of the earth is clay, when wet, it provokes drifts.

From May to October, on the coast of Malawi, you can swim in the lake, and then soak up the sun. If you go to the Livonde savanna, you can see elephants here, as well as lion prides. Try not to climb too much on the Zomba or Nyika plateau because the nights here are quite cold.

There are frequent cases of a night attack by leopards and hyenas. Therefore, you should be especially careful. Most of Southern Africa has vast areas of untouched nature. Here you can enjoy peace and solitude without spending large sums of money. You should think about housing in advance.

After all, the best camps with tents, which belong to the premium class, are almost always booked in advance. Especially if holidays are coming up. If you are planning a vacation in Africa, try to weigh the pros and cons in advance. It is best to hire a team that organizes African safari tours in advance.

After all, experienced guides have long studied all the difficulties that tourists can expect. Therefore, they help to create an optimal travel plan. Guides also help you choose the best route that meets all your wishes. This eliminates uncertainties.

When is the best time to travel to East Africa?

In this part of the continent, there are several tourist countries, including Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. Often, tourists stay in small campsites or houses. Some houses are specially designed for a large flow of people.

This is because every season millions of tourists come here who want to watch the game viewing and seasonal migration of antelopes and zebras. Often this can be seen in the northern part of Tanzania – Serengeti, as well as in the Masai Mara reserve, in southwestern Kenya. Animal migration is a very interesting and fascinating natural phenomenon.

To watch it comfortably, you should choose a good place. From December, Lobos begin to reside in Ndutu. Here they remain until February-March when the cubs appear. In early April, the herd moves past the center of the Seronera. Animals move west across the Serengeti plains to find fresh food. From May to June they are sent to the Green Corridor.

After they begin to move through Kogatende and the Lamai Triangle. Since August, the movement has been observed in the Masai Mara area. After that, the animals begin to move back towards the Lobo desert. This happens when the monsoon ends in October.

This campaign is rich in dramatic moments. When a herd of animals passes through the river Mara or Grumeti, hungry crocodiles lie in wait for them. Unfortunately, not all members of the herd can reach their destination.

Ground predators constantly walk around the rivers and ambush them. That is why tourists should choose to observe not just good places with excellent views. You must be safe. Give preference to remote mobile camps that allows you to visit different parts of the wild.

It is better to seek help from experienced specialists who helps you organize your African safari tour properly. After all, dates may vary depending on the season, rainfall, and pasture development.

If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro, visit the volcano from January to February. Many come to East Africa to soak up the coast of the Indian Ocean. The optimal resorts would be Bagamoyo, Kilifi, Watamu, and Mombasa.

You can stay on the islands, including Funzi, Lamu, Pemba, Chumbe, Mnemba, and Zanzibar. These are the best places for sunbathing and wildlife watching. This can be done at any time of the year. However, it is better not to come to this region when it rains heavily. It takes place from April to June.

A safari that can be practiced all year round is gorilla trekking. The best places for this would be Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Given that this area is dominated by mountain rainforests, it is recommended to come from January to February or from June to September. This way you can avoid the rain.

If during these periods you come to the national parks of Uganda and Rwanda, you can watch wild animals. A visit to Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth parks is a must. If you prefer bird watching, the best time to visit Africa is from November to April.

The greatest amount of precipitation falls between March and May. This can slightly spoil the impression of the rest. If you come to Nyungwe between February and June or September and December, you can go looking for chimpanzees. After all, the search for food in a dry place is quite challenging for animals.

Whatever your preference, there is plenty to do in East Africa. After all, this part of the continent is characterized by complexity and diversity. Some tourists find it quite difficult to choose one thing, so they choose combined safaris.

It is recommended to contact the company that deals with such tours before the trip. They help you find accommodation, draw up a logistical travel plan and also decide on a guide. Don’t forget to arm yourself with rangers who help you enjoy an excellent vacation in Africa even in adverse weather.

When is it the rainy season, dry and wet seasons?

Often there are several rainy seasons. Short wet seasons come from October to December. Heavy showers, which can last for days, are observed from March to June. It is during this period that the safari is practically not carried out. This is because tourists rarely come, and the quality of roads is deteriorating.

From January to February, the climate of East Africa is quite dry and hot. Therefore, it is during this period that tourists come to watch wild animals and migrating herds. Tanzania has a dry season from June to October. This is the best time to watch antelopes.

The most comfortable guide to Africa: weather conditions for the best time to visit Africa

When choosing the best time to travel to Africa, be guided by which country you want to visit. It is important to consider the time of year. There are several universal destinations where you can go on an exciting tour.


Dry weather in this country is observed from June to October. In October, daytime temperatures can reach 104℉. The nighttime temperature is 50℉. If you want to take an African safari in Botswana, the best time is April and May. Even though it might rain.


If you are planning to visit Kenya, the best time would be from December to March. You can also travel to this country from June to October. If you arrive in April-June, you run the risk of getting caught in heavy downpours.

It rains in the country from November to December; however, they are short. Kenya consists of different regions, which differ in terms of attractions, as well as weather conditions. Therefore, you can travel around the country all year round. If you come to Kenya, try to stay away from areas at high altitudes. Because it’s very cold there.


The winter temperature in Lesotho is 5 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, the air temperature is 86℉. Summer does not rule out heavy showers with thunderstorms. If you decide to visit Africa, April, or May is the best time. You can also visit from May to October. Be prepared for the fact that the nights in Lesotho are quite cold, so do not forget to stock up on warm clothes.


This country has different weather conditions. From May to July, the air is quite cool. If you prefer to travel in warmth, it is recommended to visit Malawi between August and September.

The roads are quite bad, especially if you get the monsoon, which is observed from September to April. So, travel can be very difficult.

The best time to visit Malawi is May-August.


This country has sunny and warm weather. If you are coming to Mauritius to enjoy the beach holidays, you can do it all year round. Strong storms are observed in January and February. The country is in the Southern Hemisphere. That is why precipitation is not observed from May to November.


Quite a large percentage of people love to travel around Morocco. This eastern country is distinguished not only by beautiful landscapes. It should be noted the colority that is observed on the streets. Traveling in Morocco is a real pleasure. However, you need to choose the optimal time for the trip.

Unpredictable weather is observed from October to February. Every year there is a change in the weather, so it is impossible to guess it. Some winters are mild, while others can be cold and wet.

The best time to travel around Morocco is in April or May. You can also come to the country from October to November. In October, there is a large flow of tourists on the streets of Morocco. Therefore, it is better to book accommodation in advance.


In this country, dry weather is observed from April to September. That is why this is the best time to visit Mozambique. If you are planning to travel to Southern Africa or the central part of the country, be prepared for hot weather. You may get heavy rain.

Some regions of Mozambique have poor visibility. This is due to strong winds. Therefore, you need to be especially careful.


This country has excellent weather throughout the year. However, it is best to travel around the country between June and October. This is the best time to go on a safari.

Rwanda and Uganda

Travel to these countries is recommended to plan when the dry season is expected, namely from May to October. A small amount of precipitation falls from December to March. Travel during the wet season is not excluded. After all, they are quite short.

If you plan the gorilla trekking, be prepared for the fact that there can be frequent and heavy rains in the Volcanoes National Park. During the dry season, chimpanzees lack food, so they can go deep into the forest.


This is a fairly popular resort for a beach holiday, even though strong winds blow throughout the country. If the wind blows from the northwest, warm and humid weather is expected in the country. This often happens between October and March.

In January and February, the weather is quite humid. The best time to visit Seychelles is from May to October when the weather is cool and dry.

South Africa

Climate conditions may vary by region. When choosing the best time to travel, you should be guided by plans. If you are planning to go on a safari, it is better to take tickets from August to October. However, travel in South Africa is allowed all year round.

From December to January, a large number of tourists come to South Africa. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that housing prices, as well as catering places, are high. In the northern and eastern regions of the country, from May to August, frosts can be observed. Therefore, it is recommended to stock up on warm clothes.


This country is different in that you can travel through it at any time of the year. However, before planning a trip, it is recommended to decide on the activities, as well as the desired experiences.

You should not buy tickets to Tanzania in April and May. Indeed, during these months, a large amount of precipitation falls throughout the country. Therefore, the rest can be ruined. Also, you should not climb to great heights because it is very cold there.


If you decide to visit Zambia, it is better to do this from May to August. During this period, cool and dry weather is observed. The air temperature is mild, so you can watch the animals play. During the hot season, temperatures can reach 104℉. Despite this, the safari continues.

If you get into the rainy season, it is very difficult to get to remote areas. However, this period is suitable for bird watching. It is recommended to come to Zambia from June to August. Even if it is warm and cloudless during the day, it can be quite cool at night. Therefore, be careful not to catch a cold.


If you plan to come to this country, it is better to do it between May and August. After all, dry and cool weather prevails. During the day, the air temperature is around 68 °F. It is very cold at night.

If you come to the high regions of the country, frosts are not excluded. The best time to visit Zimbabwe is from June to August. Remember to bring warm clothes with you if you plan to go on a safari in the morning. After all, the air temperature can be 42.8 °F.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

If you want to look at one of the main attractions of Africa, it is recommended to come to Victoria Falls in May-April. After all, by this time the rainy season is over. Be prepared for the fact that the spray from the waterfall can get you wet. In April and May, it is appropriate to book a helicopter to arrange an air ride and see Victoria Falls from a bird’s-eye view.

Believe, you remember this for the rest of your life. It is appropriate to visit Victoria Falls from July to August. This is the best time to visit the Devil’s Pool, which is located on the edge of the cliff. You can also visit Livingston Island in the middle of the river.


Many people prefer to come to this country from September to April. During this period, the climate is dry. However, the best time is September-October. If you want to visit Africa and celebrate the main Christian holiday Timkat, come to Ethiopia in January.

You should not visit the highlands when the rainy season begins.

Often, prolonged rains are observed from June to October. Therefore, this is not the best time for trekking. Considering that there is heavy fog in the mornings, some beautiful views are hidden. August is considered the coolest and wettest month. Therefore, it is recommended to take warm clothes with you.


When it comes to traveling to Africa, there are many different questions. The answers to the most popular of them are described below.

What is the best month to go to Africa?

If you are planning a trip to Africa, try to buy tickets for the period from May to September. The weather is dry, resulting in sparse vegetation. Therefore, it makes it easier to observe wild animals that come to water bodies to quench their thirst.

What month is the hottest in Africa?

The hottest period is from December to March. After all, it is during this period that summer is observed. Some tourists sometimes think about coming in winter.

When should I go to Africa?

It is impossible to say exactly when it is better to visit Africa. After all, it all depends on your preferences and plans.

What is the best time of year to go to Africa on a safari?

If you are going to Africa on a safari, take tickets for the period from June to October. During this period, you see animals heading toward the water source. This is the best time to watch the Masai Mara migration.


As you can see, you can travel around Africa all year round. However, the exact dates should be determined based on what kind of plans you had for this trip.

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