Manara Cliff

Manara Cliff is situated on Highway 90 between Rosh pina And Kiryat Shmona. Manara Cliff is home to Israel‘s longest cable car and is a highly popular attraction with activities for the whole family. The cable car has three stations and at each station there are attractions on offer.

Attractions along the way include;

Mountain Slides that stretch along an incredible 1200 meter panoramic course at ground level. The circular route begins at the mountain slope and velocity can reach 40mph. each slide seats two people. Minimal age for the slides is three years.

Trampoline-Bungy Dome feature unique trampolines with four jumping stations. Jumpers can reach a height of nine meters. Children from the age of four can use the trampolines.

Natural Amphitheater which is framed by the surrounding mountain peaks, is the perfect location for any social occasion. The Amphitheater looks out over the Hula Valley and the hills of the Golan and has been outfitted with a performance stage.

Guided tours that run for about twenty minutes and give visitors a chance to experience the local nature and landscape.

The Cliff Train departs from the upper-level compound , moves along the western side of the cliff and follows a circular route with stops along the way and explanations of the surroundings.

The Children’s House features a variety of creative activities including a Gymboree and is suitable for children up to the age of ten.





address: Highway 90, at the southern entrance to Kiryat Shmona.

phone: 04-6905-830

Open Hours: Mar Sun-Fri 9:30-16:00, Apr-Jun Sun-Sat 9:30-17:00, Jul Sun-Sat 9:30-18:99, Aug Sun-Sat 9:30-19:30, Sep-Oct Sun-Sat 9:30-17:00, Nov-Feb Sun-Fri 11:00-16:00

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