Geographic regions

Israel has many different geographical regions…from coast to plain and desert…

The Galilee is situated in the north of israel and many Israelis choose to escape to the Galilee from the hustle and bustle of city life…..more >

Golan heights
The Golan heights is Israel’s north-most mountainous region and is one of the most beautiful and most travelled parts of the country….more >

Galilee lake
The Galilee Lake is commonly known as the Kineret. The Kineret is surrounded by many beaches- some narrow, some wide, some soft and some rocky….more >

Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, is situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel and is the third-largest city in Israel….more >

Northern coast line
The North Coast of Israel extends along the Mediterranean shoreline from the city of Akko to Rosh Hanikra, continues inland across the coastal plain until it meets the Upper Galilee…more>

Tel aviv
Tel Aviv is the economic centre of Israel and is a most popular tourist destination due to the stunning beaches overlooking the Mediterranean, the chic cafés on every street corner, the cutting-edge fashion stores….more >

As well as being the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish state. Jerusalem has one of the largest populations off all the cities in Israel and is the holy city for three main Abrahamic religions….more >

Southern Israel (The Negev)
Beautiful desert landscapes, countless nature trails and various historical places of interest are just some of the attractions that the southern district of Israel has to offer….more >

The Dead Sea
It is ironic that this region of Israel is referred to as Dead when one considers the incredible landscape, the therapeutic properties of the air and mud and the luxurious spas that it is famous for….more >

Eilat, the southernmost spot in Israel, is the ultimate resort city with hotels and beaches full of Israeli vacationers and tourists from all around the world….more >