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The Israel Museum is ranked among the best museums in the world due to its rich exhibitions made up of artifacts, ancient documents and Israeli art. In 2010 the museum underwent a huge face-lift and visitors continue to be spell-bound by this museum.
One of the most significant changes was the work done on the Shrine of the Book, the dome-shaped monument that is home to the Dead Sea Scrolls that were found in Qumran in 1946 and are, until this day, one of the best-preserved Judeo-Christian texts. The Shrine of the Book is itself a magnificent structure that abstractly represents the fabled war between the Son of Light and Sons of Darkness, as portrayed in the texts. Two-thirds of the Shrine is submerged in water.
The Aleppo Code, a tenth-century Bible that is believed to be the oldest existing Bible, is another fascinating artifact that should not be missed.
Audio guides are available at the Shrine of the Book in multiple languages and the information provided ensures a deeper appreciation of the displays. It should be noted that photography is forbidden at the Shrine.
The Second Temple model is another attraction– a reconstruction of the city of Jerusalem before the Great Revolt in 66 CE.
The art exhibitions in the Museum are also fantastic, with the largest collection of Jewish art in the world on display including artifacts that provide a cultural aspect to the rich history that is portrayed through the pieces of art.
Lastly, the Billy Rose Art Garden, a Japanese garden containing pieces of some of the best artists and sculptors and is worth a slow walk through.
How to get there: Buses 9, 9a, 17, 17a, 24 and 24a will get you to the Museum which is located in the Givat Ram neighborhood, near the Knesset/Israeli Parliament. For those driving, enter Abraham Granot Street on your GPS.




phone: 02-670-8811

Open Hours: Sun, Mon, Wed & Thu 10:00-17:00, Tue 16:00-21:00, Fri and Holiday Eves 10:00-14:00, Sat & Holidays 10:00-17:00

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2 thoughts on “Israel Museum

  • fantastics but set aside an entire day!
    The Museum is huge and has tremendous amounts of artifacts- treasures from all the region- i only managed to see the shrine of the book and the model of jerusalem from the second temple period- this for me made the whole trip worth it but i wish i would have had more time…

  • a great time had by all…
    beautiful museum- and that is coming from one who is not usually a museum-lover


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