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Genesis Land

Genesis Land literally brings the Bible alive for young and old alike- this is probably the only place in the world where you can watch Biblical stories unfold before your very eyes with famous stories such as Joseph and his brothers, the meeting of Isaac and Rebecca, Eliezer and his master Abraham played out before you.

There are a vast number of activities and creative workshops offered in Genesis Land such as parchment writing, pitta baking, mosaics, pottery, pottery restoration, Hafla ancient meals enjoyed in tents, sunset experience with drummers, camel rides, jeep rides and a visit to the En Mabua oasis. Genesis Land is also accessible for the handicapped.

How to get there: Call 02-997-4477 for directions- Genesis Land is a twenty minute drive from Jerusalem, close to Maale Adumim


Cost: $20



phone: 02-997-4477

Open Hours: Daylight hours, closed Saturdays, reservations required.

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One thought on “Genesis Land

  • we had a lot of fun as a family here!!
    We went as family with our two kids who are four and eight- camel rides, feeding livestock, stories, pita-making, tea for the grown-ups, eating in tents- we had an unforgettable experience- the view is stunning and our guide was fantastic. make sure to book in advance, to bring hats and sunscreen- it gets very hot (well when we visited in september it was hot)- it is only a half-hour drive from Jerusalem


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