Village Green


Village Green

Village Green has two levels of dining rooms and a plaza outside on Jaffa Road but it is still sometimes a squeeze trying to fit everyone in to this popular, Kosher L’Mehadrin restaurant. Village Green is one of Jerusalem‘s only specifically vegetarian restaurants as well as one of it’s only cafeteria-style joints.

The Village Green stocks an impressive array of freshly-baked vegetable pies in whole wheat crusts, quiches, lasagnas, buckwheat burgers, grilled tofu served with different sauces, soups and just about anything a healthy-minded eater could ask for. Each customer constructs their own meal as they slide down the queue with their tray- the food is priced by weight so one can take as much or as little as one wants. There are also terrific desserts on offer for those who still have room!

The place can get very busy at mealtimes with long queues but this is still a place worth checking out!

Kosher: Yes- Mehadrin



address: 33 Jaffa Road

phone: 02-625-3065

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 09:00-22:00, Fri 09:00-before sundown

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