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Perth Australia beach: the TOP list to visit

The best thing about living in Perth is finding the most stunning beach on the weekends. Perth is filled with amazing beaches, it is difficult to decide which place you want to spend your free days at.

This list of the best Perth beaches takes the stress out of the search and can guide you. From amazing snorkeling locations to safe turquoise lagoons, Perth beaches have the most beautiful coastlines. All Perth beaches offer the advantage of staying at the same place to watch the amazing sunsets on the Indian Ocean.

Perth Best Beaches

Gorgeous white sands cover almost all Perth beaches. Residents and tourists like popular beaches because they are well-maintained all year round.

Some Perth beaches have public facilities for picnics, different courts near cafes, restaurants, and stunning ocean views.

How to get to the best beaches in Perth?

The best beaches in Perth are easy to arrive with most only a short journey from the city centre. Sunset Coast tourist drive is a must for any car travel or you prefer walking/cycling along secluded beaches.

The bicycle-and-walk trail is paved and stretches 12km from downtown Sorrento Beach to a great beach named City Beach.

It also runs along Coastal Drive and the Indian Ocean. Ride, cycling routes from Fremantle to Cottesloe. The trail traversing the coastline passes the best beaches in Perth.

There are 3 districts where located the best beaches in Western Australia:

  • Best beaches of the central cost;
  • Best beaches of sunset coast;
  • Best beaches of Fremantle.

Best beaches on the central coast

Only a 20-minute drive from Perth city center will take you to some of Perth’s best beaches along the Central Coast including City Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Floreat Beach, and Swanbourne Beach.

City Beach

Perth’s most popular beach is named City beach. And rightly so.

It marks an ideal geographical middle point between the tourist spots and there’s ample shaded green space ideal for watching the crowd enjoy picnics, it’s an ideal place for you. It is truly among Perth’s finest restaurants with many new bars, boardwalks, and surf lifesaving clubs.

CityBeach’s beautiful stretch of white sand and excellent facilities at City Beach have dedicated it to the title of Perth’s best beach for several years. Two purpose-built groins propose pleasant fishing and comfortable swimming, allowing surfers to hit the waves just out to sea.

A beautifully landscaped recreation area includes a children’s playground, tables for family picnics and barbecues, as well as restrooms, changing rooms, and outdoor showers. There’s also a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach needs little description as it is a famous Perth beach everyone knows before arriving in Perth! Cottesloe is really beautiful despite being a very famous beach in Perth.

Cottesloe beaches have never been known as crowded areas. Several years ago it was deemed an old-fashioned hangout and it is often very busy, even on Saturdays. It can easily be reached by boat or picnic at secluded beach locations.

Those who are hungry can go without any bar, restaurant, or cafe located along the shore. Cottesloe beach hotel is an old bar for savoring your favorite drinks while watching the sunset.

Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s best summer destinations. Its pristine white beach is great for swimming and it also has beautiful, elevated grassy areas overlooking the beach and lots of cool cafes and restaurants with well known Ocean beach hotel.

Swanbourne Beach

For the nudists in the northern area and everybody else in the southern region, because Swanbourne beaches are huge, they rarely get crowded. Swanbourne Beach consists of several sections.

The family-friendly southern beaches are just as beautiful as Cottesloe in the south – the perfect beach to walk, sunbathe, swim, etc. The north section contains clothing-optional Swanbourne nude beaches, ‘officially’ among the few nudist beaches in Perth.

The beach itself hides behind dunes, so there are 900 meters of walking distance from the parking. You can understand that you are here by seeing the outfits that are unusual for the beach, or rather the lack of clothes.

Floreat Beach

It is located in the Western suburbs of Perth close to the nearby city beaches and is very well-maintained and peaceful. For anyone who prefers a more relaxing beach experience with fewer crowds and good facilities, it is impossible to go wrong with Floreat Beach!

Floreat is regularly guarded by lifeguards and offers bathrooms and showers. A shaded area on the lawn is great for relaxing in the shade of wood. If your dog enjoys being at the north end of Floreat Bay you will have a great dog-friendly beach not far away.

Best beaches of sunset coast

The coastline off Two Rocks is dotted with historic shipwrecks that offer magnificent historical artifacts and attractive sites for divers. At Wreck Point, you can observe the wreckage of an ancient ship. They are visible from the shore, above the high-water mark.

Yanchep Lagoon among other Perth beaches has calm, shallow waters and low waves so are perfect for children. It attracts those who want to try snorkeling and fishing, and there is a playground and a nice cafe for fresh drinks.

While you’re in this district, you should visit Yanchep National Park. This territory of Western Australia is the habitat of one the largest koala colonies, kangaroos, and native birdlife. You can visit the park’s stunning caves and learn about its ancient Aboriginal culture.

The Marina, Mindarie has shopping and dining areas along a Mediterranean-style boardwalk including sophisticated microbreweries and pubs with menus of ocean-fresh fish and snacks.

Bicycles, boats, and kayaks can be rented to explore the surrounding bays. There is a great place to catch some herring and tailors.

Sorrento Beach is a safe, family-friendly beach with 600m of beachfront, a 3km offshore reef, and netted swimming facilities. There are free change rooms, toilet and shower facilities, and an expansive grass area with undercover picnic tables, BBQ facilities, and refreshments available at the Sorrento cafe.

Hillary’s Fishing Boat Harbour is nearby and has a protected beach, perfect for playing with kids. You’ll also find great shopping, an excellent selection of cafés and restaurants, the Aquarium of Western Australia, tours and ferries to Rottnest Island, whale watching, and deep-sea fishing.

Marmion Marine Park is a diver’s paradise off the coast of Perth between Burns Beach and Trigg Beach. Clear shallow lagoons, reefs, and small islands form ledges, caves, and swim-throughs inhabited by a wonderful array of marine life.

Trigg Island Beach

One of Perth’s best waves is found on Trigg Beach and depending on the swells, new and experienced surfers take the sand breaks or the reef just above. The waves that break the beach near the Perth suburbs have a consistent pattern.

For people who like to swim, Trigg may not be an optimal relaxation spot due to rips and currents which sometimes traverse it. Keep a close eye on the flag if you’re dipping and keep an eye on a permanent rip in Blue Hole. Ask a member of the Surf Life Saving Club.

Trigg has become an important tourist destination in Perth for experienced surfers. This location is a good place to start for beginners or advanced in surfing on a large wave.

Surf courses can be obtained from WA surf schools. Swimming can be enjoyed in this location but is only suitable for confident swimmers due to the large waves. You must be kept within the flag when swimming to protect the lifeguard.

Do people need dogs for a trip? Head north to Trigg Dog Beach. Are you in search of the best restaurants? One of the most famous restaurants right on shore is Island Market Trigg.

Trigg Beach and Watermans Bay Beach have a lot of surf shops, offering the most convenient surf equipment, particularly over the summer.

Mettams Pool

Mettams offers an excellent stop on the northern shore section of the Western Australia road for snorkellers and can provide a little protection when the wind is early. There are many restaurants along these scenic coastlines.

Mettams Pool is a favorite spot for snorkelers as it is sheltered by relatively shallow waters. See colorful schools of fish and beautiful coral if you like to investigate underwater life.

Scarborough Beach

Affordably one of the largest Perth beaches. In the past few years, Scarborough beach became a real tourism destination, with a modern foreshore with pools, skating rinks, a huge children’s playground, a skate park, and lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Sunset markets on Thursdays have been a success and are the best place in Perth to watch dirty Saturday sessions. Surfing can descend in this area, however, there is a better wave at Trigg a little further north.

Scarborough Beach is one of Perth’s most amazing beaches for surfing, sunbathing, and swimming.

Recent revitalization of the area has resulted in a foreshore that boasts a pedestrian boardwalk, children’s playgrounds, projects of modern art, basketball courts, exercise equipment, an amphitheater, and Sunset Hill – a vast grassy area for picnics and play. There is the only beachside pool on the west coast in Scarborough. Staff uses heating for the pool all year round.

Hidden gems of beaches in Perth

Other Perth beaches include Mullaloo Beach located in Perth’s northern suburbs, Whitfords Beach, Pinnaroo Point, Marmion Beach, and North Beach.

To the south of Scarborough beach, there is a less crowded Brighton beach.

Fremantle best beaches in Perth

Fremantle’s principal beaches offer great opportunities for swimming, relaxation, surfing, and paddleboarding. There is a variety of activities available year-round and local people are used to it as well as tourists.

Leighton Beach is a popular spot to swim and kite surf, and it is also dog-safe. Nearby are paved areas with electric grills, picnic tables, toilets, and a restaurant as well as cafes and restaurants.

Port Beach is Perth’s favorite beach with its turquoise waters and dazzling white sand. Swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite surfing, or just enjoying Rottnest Island views.

Leighton Beach

It’s probably Perth’s best-friendly beach with stunning blue water. Get a quick bite or a coffee in a Wagon in front of a dog park or take a seat in a deckchair on the Orange box grass area next to the main parking lot.

Port Beach

The only beach in Perth to stay safe if the southwest winds blow, Port Beach throws in a little swell in the wind. It might never feel as picturesque as some more popular Perth beaches but for some calm outside the breeze (or maybe salmon fishing), get into Port.

Rottnest Island

Best for wildlife lovers, beach seekers, and surfers. Known for its adorable quokka, the island is more. Rottnest Island is a small island known for its many beaches.

The God of beaches blessed the tiny limestone eruption that emerged out of the Indian Ocean by offering beautiful sandy beaches with white sand. All of these are stunning white beaches in a beautiful crescent-style sea with clear water. Favoritism is the basins Longreach and Geesdie Bay as well as Thompson Bay.

The center of the island is the. Hire a bike and take Little Armstrong Bay, which can be very seldom damaged from the footprint of another visitor if you get it early.

Parakeet Bay

Look, Rottnest Island/Wadjemup has a fantastic beach that will surely escape the breeze in whatever direction the wind goes. Where the majority of visitors come up into the Basin you can go west and reach the Parakeets and the Little Parakeets perfect for privacy and enjoying the time.

Coogee Beach

Continue south past Fremantle toward Cockburn Coogee beach with its beaches. It features an incredibly large jumping platform to get into or catch fish, large grassy lawns for barbecues, and a seaborne sunk ship to snorkel on. Visit our Omeo Wreck Guides section below!

South Beach

All people are welcome except surfers. This is highly regarded among locals as well as holidaymakers. South Beach is protected by old pine trees, extensive grasslands, children’s playgrounds, and BBQs, making it a popular night and daytime location.

Many families come to visit this place for a picnic while the beaches are very relaxing. Fremantle’s famous Cappuccinos Strip has several restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing options in less than 5 minutes.

Bathers Beach

It’s a nice activity for Fremantles if the tourist stops by Bathers Beach House. It is the only place in Perth to enjoy drinks while lounging on white sands with stunning ocean views. A visit to Bathers Beach makes you think about a tropical trip away.

Spend your whole vacation swimming at ocean beaches or enjoying iced cocktails at the beach. Bathers Beach is a wonderful place for visitors to the city to explore the many sites of the city and to see.

The Basin Rottnest

A simple 30-minute ferry ride takes us to a paradise island filled with stunning coastlines and adorable animals. A visit from Perth beaches to Rottnest Island can be an unforgettable experience for anyone.

The Basin is an important beach in Rottnest. It’s a short drive from the major towns, the scenery is breathtaking and the snorkeling is incredible. Natural-formed pools offer safe, easy swim conditions and the vibrant reef offers a fantastic underwater playground for snorkeling.

Little Salmon Bay

This idyllic small beach is located near Rottnest Island’s southern edge and is very easy to travel by bike. Small Salmon Bay has clear, quiet waters and a beautiful reef making it a great snorkeling spot. Families and beginners will enjoy the place.

The sheltered beaches and beaches are also great for relaxing after an activity. No need for riding bikes! These islands also stop at Rottnest Island’s bus routes.

Dog-friendly beaches

The best beaches in Perth offer excellent conditions for your pets. There are many dog beach areas.

Rockingham dog beach with white sand is a good place to let your four-legs friend feel free and play in the calm waters. After all, you can use a special dog cleaning service or just have a good lunch in a cafe nearby the dog beach.


Does Perth Australia have a beach?

Perth’s beach goes hand-in-hand. The coastline stretches over 88 km from the city’s two-way intersection and there are white sand and turquoise waters all around. You can go to the best Perth beaches to swim and snorkel.

Can you swim in Perth Australia?

Local people know there’s nothing more beautiful than Perth beaches & the surrounding region. Pack all your bathrobes and get in your car and head to this tranquil swimming pool at Coor-ee’s center.

Can you swim in beaches in Perth?

Yeah! In West Australia, there are many opportunities for swimming. Most Australians love popular beaches in Perth (for example Cottelsloe beach, South beach, and City beach) because these beaches are patrolled by the surf lifesaving club.

What is the most popular beach in Perth?

The five best Perth beaches in Western Australia in Perth are:

  • City Beach;
  • Cottesloe Beach;
  • Scarborough beach;
  • Coogee beach;
  • South beach.

There is also Leighton beach in Fremantle, Mettam pool, Bathers beach, Port beach, Brighton beach, Trigg beach, and other famous beaches.

The best beaches in Perth from Lancelin to Guilderton are well-known for sand dunes, sand boarding, and four-wheel driving.


Take scenic trips to a wide variety of Perth beaches, from Lancelin Beach north to Preston Beach south that covers Northern Beaches, Sunset Coast, Central Beaches, Fremantle, Rockingham, and beautiful beach Mandua.

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