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Na Laga’at Centre

The Na Laga’at Centre in Jaffa offers a truly unique experience for visitors. Na Laga’at is Hebrew for “Please DO touch” and the Na Laga’at Centre is essentially a meeting place for deaf, blind, deaf-blind and the general public through artistic experiences.  Na Laga’at is the first Israeli deaf and blind theater company and as well as theater productions, the Na Laga’at Centre houses two restaurants.
Café Kapish is a dairy restaurant manned by staff who are all deaf. The staff are highly attentive to their client’s needs and the menu and tablecloths feature basic sign-language tips and the waiters are often more than happy to provide impromptu sign-language lessons. Performances start at 8:30 p.m. and if you don’t plan on attending the performance it is recommended to dine after it begins because the dining area can get very noisy. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST.
The Blackout Restaurant is run under the auspices of celebrated Israeli chef, Nir Tzuk. In this restaurant the staff is blind and your food is ordered before entering the dining area. There are meals served between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. before the performance (90 NIS per person) or three-course meals served after 9:00 p.m. (140 NIS per person). Once again, ADVANCE RESERVATIONSARE A MUST.
The Na Laga’at Deaf-Blind Acting Ensemble is a way of enhancing public awareness that deaf-blind people are equal citizens and allows the actors to express themselves creatively. The Ensemble is made up of eleven actors, most suffer from “Usher Syndrome” that is a genetic disorder that causes deafness and gradual vision loss, resulting in complete blindness. Their first production was “Light is Heard in Zig Zag” and received rave reviews both in Israel and abroad. Their second production, “Not by Bread Alone” is currently on stage.




address: Old Jaffa Port

phone: (03) 633-0808

Open Hours: The Na Laga’at Centre is open for dinner and performances on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  • Na Laga’at Centre – Must See!!
    i have been here two times and also have eaten at both coffee shop capiche (offered by hard of hearing servers–and ideal for people on a tight budget). they communicate by suggesting that you write your selection lower as well as train you some sigh language. The blackout restaurant is offered by blind servers and also you eat as a whole darkness. Eating together with your hands is really urged. Your meals are very tasty and it is an amazing experience the inability to call at your food. I additionally saw the “Not by bread alone” play featuring blind & hard of hearing stars, which is very inspiring. I recommend this experience!

  • Na Lagaat Center
    amazing experience!


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