Manta Ray Restaurant

Manta Ray is the ultimate beachfront restaurant, located on a stretch of the Tel Avivian coast and a perfect place to take in the sunset over the Mediterranean. The simple food is flavorful and with a Middle Eastern twist, offering dishes that uniquely combine traditional Middle Eastern and contemporary western. The 12-appetizer dish is the signature plate with its exciting blend of dishes. Manta Ray opens at 9:00 and offers a breakfast menu until midday.
It is recommended to reserve places in advance.




address: Almah Beach, near Dan Panorama Hotel, Jaffa

phone: 03-517-4773

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 09:00-00:00

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5 thoughts on “Manta Ray Restaurant

  • A Pricey Place To Be At
    Although the aura of the place is amazing, the price is too much at Manta Ray. This restaurant is quite an expensive place and too pricey for the limited variety of the dishes that are offered here. The dishes, though, are very delectable but once compared with their prices, prove to be less for more. It is a high end eating point for people with limited budgets.

  • The Best Fish in Town
    Tel Aviv promises you the best fish on the beach side at ‘Manta Ray’. This restaurant offers a variety of fish from the Mediterranean and also the seafood that is cooked nicely using delicious sauces and scrumptious vegetables. Although not a very long one, the menu has a great deal of unique dishes to please your taste buds. The place is decorated attractively and simply while the beach view is picture perfect. For those on a budget, this place might be a bit expensive and price may be a factor to consider but definitely a place worth a second visit.

  • “A pearl at the beach”
    The place filled with people told us that it’s some place special, as we walked inside. Although we did not have any reservation, the place welcomed us with a table outside the restaurant in the open air, just along the beach. Even my son, who is not a very big fan of eating fish, loved the tasty fish kebabs cooked nicely and the gnocchi di patate made to perfection. The combination of the two dishes proved to be enjoyable. I would love to come back to Manta Ray, which is a beautiful place and choose other mouthwatering dishes from the menu.


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