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Guide to visiting Tayrona national park. Brief description of all the best beaches and amazing places, nice photos

In Colombia, travelers can come across a variety of treasures, including the Tayrona National Park. It is located on the northern coast, which borders Colombia and the Caribbean blue Sea. A detailed guide to visiting Tayrona national park will be described in this article.

Basic information about Tayrona national park

Before visiting Tayrona national park, you should familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the park itself. Today it is considered one of the most tourist places in Colombia. Such popularity is explained by the beautiful landscapes.

The park is home to many representatives of flora and fauna. Tayrona park boasts the presence of the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They create a stunning backdrop for the rest of the species. The status of a national park was received only in 1964. The land area is 57,9 mi².

Additionally, there is a marine reserve, which covers an area of 11,6 mi². In addition to the mountainous terrain, beautiful landscapes, and other advantages, several indigenous tribes live in the Tayrona national park. Here you can find the ruins of settlements that were located earlier.

The entrance to the Tayrona national park can be made through 2 existing entrances. The main entrance is in Zaino. And the second is located in Calabazo. Many tourists try to pass by Calabazo and head toward Zaino. However, this is fraught with the fact that you can miss several of the main attractions of the institution.

Location of Tayrona national park

The territory of the Tayrona national park is protected. As already mentioned, the area is 57.9 mi². The Tayrona national park is located in the department of Magdalena, on the north coast of Colombia. Washed by the Caribbean Sea. Along the coast, there is a strip of tropical jungle, coral reefs, and pristine beaches.

The territory is slightly hidden by the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can get to the attraction along Highway 90. Near the Tayrona national park is the city of Santa Marta. Distance to the Santa Marta is about 22.99 mi from the main entrance.

When is the best time to visit Tayrona national park?

The tropical climate is constantly preserved on the territory of Tayrona national park. That is why you can travel to it at any time of the year. Popularity is increasing every year. However, it is important to choose the best time to visit Tayrona national park so as not to run into some problems.

If you want to enjoy excellent weather while traveling and plan to avoid large crowds of tourists, then the best time to visit Tayrona national park is from January to March. This is the best time to camp or relaxes on a clean beach.

Between January and March, dry weather prevails in Colombia, and air temperatures are predominantly mild. Yes, during this period there is a large flow of tourists. The peak season is observed from mid-December to mid-January. You can also meet many tourists if you come to the Tayrona national park from June to July.

If you plan to visit Tayrona national park in good weather, and not run into thousands of tourists, then the best period would be February and March. From the beginning of August, until November, rainy weather is observed in this part of the country. Therefore, you will not be able to sunbathe or go hiking.

Duration of visiting Tayrona national park

It may seem to many that it is rather difficult to plan the time of your stay in Tayrona national park in advance. It is. It is important to consider for what purpose you plan to visit this attraction. If your plans include sightseeing, then just one day is enough.

Even if you came just to soak up the beach, you can also stock up on just one day. If you want to fully immerse yourself in a relaxing holiday that is combined with trips to the beaches and the jungle, you can carve out a few days.

Most tourists prefer to stay in the Tayrona national park for several nights. This is the best place for camping, so be sure to bring a tent with you. During this time, you swim in the sea to your heart’s content, and you can discover new hiking trails.

Tayrona national park is open from 8 am to 5 pm. However, tourists are not prohibited from staying here overnight if they managed to enter the territory during working hours. There are many interesting places where you can stay overnight. It can be tents and hammocks on the seashore or a cozy hut in the depths of the jungle.

Entrance ticket price

Before entering the territory of Tayrona national park, you need to buy a ticket. Passes are not subject to temporary conditions. Therefore, if you leave the Tayrona national park in an hour, after which you want to enter again, you will have to re-purchase a ticket.

Foreigners who are not residents of Colombia will have to pay an entrance fee of about 42,000 Colombian pesos for each ticket. You have to pay an extra entrance fee for transport or camping if you use such services. Be prepared that the territory is quite expensive accommodation. Therefore, it is better to look for options outside the attractions.

How to get to Tayrona national park?

The park is a little removed from other places that are in demand among tourists on the Caribbean Coast, which is located in Colombia. Therefore, many may have difficulty getting to the sights.

If you are visiting Tayrona national park, it is recommended that you first come to the city of Santa Marta. You can immediately come to the city in the neighborhood of Taranga after visiting Santa Marta. Both are within walking distance of the park. Some tourists prefer to immediately come to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida.

To get to Santa Marta, you first need to arrive at the Santa Marta airport. For this, domestic flights run around the country. There are a small number of them, so you may have to transfer to the airport in Cartagena or Barranquilla to get to Santa Marta. Regular buses run from these cities to help you get to Santa Marta.

If you travel to Santa Marta by bus from Cartagena, the journey will take about 5 hours. If you have to go from Barranquilla, the journey will take only 1.5 hours. All bus stations in these cities are located far from the center, so you have to spend extra time getting to them.

As soon as you arrive at Santa Marta or Taganga, you must think about the further road to Tayrona park itself. The easiest way is to buy a ticket for a regular bus that departs from Mercado Publico. The journey will take about 1 hour. You need to choose buses that have Palomino on the front panel.

This suggests that their stop is near the main Tayrona national park entrance. If you decide to use a taxi, you have to pay much more. However, to save time or in the case of group travel, this option is quite appropriate. After all, the cost can be divided among all participants. You can get to Tayrona park by taxi 40-60 minutes faster than by bus.

Some tourists prefer the adventurous way to Tayrona park. They decide to take a boat that runs between Cabo San Juan and the popular beach in Tayrona park. The journey lasts from half an hour to 1 hour. The trip may be difficult. It all depends on the conditions in the water.

Once you are in Taganga, you should take the bus. You can also use a taxi to get to Santa Marta. It is better to call a taxi from a company than to use the services of private carriers. After all, companies have better rates.

Path to El Zaino entrance

The cheapest way to get to the park, namely the El Zaino entrance, is with the help of the local green bus. From the market in Santa Marta. The bus runs every half an hour starting at 8 am. The ticket price to the El Zaino entrance is 8000 Colombian pesos.

The journey from Santa Marta takes about 1.2 hours. When you are on the Mercado in Santa Marta, you can check the bus stop with the locals. It is enough to say the name of the necessary park, and you are immediately pointed to the desired option. If you are coming from Minka, the bus will take you directly to the market, from where you can go to the park.

If a tourist plans to travel to the Tayrona National Park from other regions of Colombia, then he or she can use the tourist bus with all the comfort from the Santa Marta bus terminal. Yes, it costs a little more. However, the price is justified by comfort.

This option can be used if you are at the bus station in Santa Marta. It is located half an hour from the city. If you are looking for a comfortable and safe trip, take a look at the buses marked by Brasilia. It is possible to book tickets to the park early. For this, a convenient Busbud website is provided.

Where to stay in Tayrona National Park?

Many may find it difficult to find complex solutions, in particular, where to stop. There are many options available for this, depending on your budget. You should make a choice based on how long you plan to stay in the park.

If you plan to stay in the national park for 2 days or more, you can stay in the park itself. There are several hotels in the area where you can rent a room. However, most tourists like to travel in a camping tent or spend the night in a hammock. If you prefer the latter option, then it will need to be reserved in advance.

This overnight stay is quite expensive. The cost of such a service is equivalent to camping on the beach. You can also rent a tent or bring your own. If the campsites and hammocks were occupied, the only thing left is to spend the night in a hotel.

If you prefer to travel in comfort, Yachay Tayrona Eco Hotel is the best option. It is located on the road that leads to the Zaino entrance. The hotel rooms offer stunning views of the jungle around. The hotel has a restaurant serving delicious and gourmet dishes.

If you want to find an inexpensive and comfortable option for yourself, pay attention to the Jasayma Parque Tayrona hotel. This is an eco-style cottage with an original character. The staff at the hotel is very friendly, and from the surroundings around, you are delighted.

If you prefer to enjoy the excellent view of the beach, which is on the territory of Tayrona Park, you should pay attention to the Castilletes Parque Tayrona campsite, which is located on the beach of the same name. There are quite clean rooms and picturesque nature around.

If you have only one day to visit the national park, then you should look for options for spending the night outside it. Some establishments are located immediately behind the Zaino entrance. You can also return to Santa Marta or Taganga to find a suitable hotel there. Many people prefer to stay just outside the park.

Indeed, at the end of hiking or a beach holiday, when fatigue is felt in the body, I want to relax a little. And you don’t have to travel far. Taganga is also located just outside the park, so it is convenient and affordable for living. Santa Marta is considered the largest city in the region.

That is why there is a fairly large number of different housing options and amenities for tourists. If you prefer a luxurious holiday, it makes sense to stay at the Don Pepe Boutique Hotel. It is located in the very center of the city. The rooms have designer furnishings. There are private terraces where you can relax after exhausting walks.

It is possible to stay at the Suite Boutique El Cactus hotel. It is an excellent example of value for money. The hotel has 4 stars and is located in the center of Santa Marta. The rooms are quite big. The staff is friendly and always ready to answer all your questions.

If tourists prefer hiking and saving their budget, they can stay at Eco Hostal Yuluka. Here, it is possible to rent both a separate and a shared room. There is a swimming pool and a restaurant on site where you can have a bite to eat.

Tips for visiting Tayrona national park

If you want to make the most of your time in Tayrona national park, then try to follow a few tips.

All visitors to the Tayrona national park are required to adhere to the rules that are provided for in the territory. On some beaches, you can see signs that say that swimming is prohibited. There are beautiful beaches where you cannot swim after 6 pm. It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages into the national park.

Be prepared for security to search your bags upon entry. Therefore, you should not take prohibited items with you. The full list of prohibited items is published on the website of the park itself, so it is better to study it in advance.

The opening of the national park starts at 8 am. So try to arrive by this time. If you arrive a little later, you will encounter crowds of tourists who will try to enter the territory. Be prepared for the fact that the queue to the park can be quite long. After buying a park entrance ticket, you need to wait for a video with useful information to appear on the screen.

After the guards inspect the bags. If everything is in order, you can enter Tayrona park. Try to arrive early, so you don’t have to wait in line for hours to get in.

Regardless of how long you plan to stay in the Tayrona national park, it’s important to bring a few important things with you. First of all, make sure you have your passport. You should also prepare cash in advance because you cannot pay with cards in the park, and your costs can rarely increase.

You can also bring swimming accessories and clothing with you. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the scorching sun. It is important to have shoes that are comfortable for you to walk in. Especially if you are planning a long hike. It is better to take a towel from a material that dries quickly.

Take insect repellant with you. This protects you from painful bites. Often, tourists at the park entrance are asked about the presence of a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. Therefore, it is better to get vaccinated in advance. It must be understood that this disease is common in this part of the continent.

If you take food and water with you, they must be properly and carefully packed. Remember that in hot weather, it is extremely important to prevent dehydration. Food in the Tayrona national park is quite expensive. Therefore, it is better to take with you everything you need to reduce expenses.

Be sure to take a cream that helps you escape if insects bite you. This relieves the itching, and you will not be left with a scar after the trip. Take a water purifier with you. Choose small options that can fit in your purse. It is impossible to drink water that flows from the tap in the national park.

Therefore, a water purification tank would be the best option. You can drink water directly from it, so you can save the environment by not using plastic bottles. It is important to bring a waterproof camera with you. This is the best option if you want to shoot not only animals but also the underwater world.

Don’t forget to take Imodium with you. This allows you to save your stomach after tasting the local cuisine. If you plan to stay in Tayrona park overnight, bring some lanterns with you. One of them must be head-on.

Tayrona national park detour option

You need to understand that the territory of the Tayrona national park is quite large and diverse. Here you can see the jungle, slopes and other interesting things. Therefore, this place is not as easy to move around as it might seem. Almost all places for tourists are located in the eastern part of the park. It is easy to move between them.

When choosing a transportation method, you should consider which part of the park you plan to enter. Each of them has its way of moving. It can be a bus, horse, or walking.

The main entrance of Zaino is located near highway 90. Beaches and interesting places are very remote from the entrance. However, you can take the bus, which costs about 3,000 Colombian pesos. It takes you to Cagnaverale beach. If you plan to walk, be prepared that the distance is 3.10 mi.

Almost the entire territory of Tayrona park is filled with dirt trails, various stairs, and beaches. Therefore, be prepared that you often have to climb the hill, and go down from it. The coast is covered with jungle, and you make a lot of effort to get to the right place on foot.

On the map, it may seem that the path is not very far. If you go to Cabo San Juan, you have to climb the mountain. Remember that the process is very tedious because tropical humidity prevails on the territory. If you walk from Cañaveral to San Juan del Guia, the journey will take about 2 hours.

You can get to the desired beach in Tayrona park on horseback. There are horses at the shuttle bus stop that you can rent, and they take you to your destination. You can also place a reservation to return in the afternoon.

If long walks are not for you, this method of traveling through the park is very optimal. Given that the horses will only take you along the coastal area, it is difficult to get acquainted with other sights and landscapes. After all, the view will be closed by stairs and hills.

Entertainment options in Tayrona national park

When all the basic things have been considered, you can begin to get acquainted with the main entertainment of the Tayrona national park.

Beach trip

Some tourists come to the Tayrona national park to enjoy the wildlife. However, some travelers come to explore pristine beaches that have not yet been spoiled. Most opinions agree that the coast of Tayrona is considered one of the best in Colombia.

The beaches are quite large in area and planted with palm trees. They are distinguished by clear water and lined with palms. There are no roads to connect the beaches. Therefore, you have to go on foot. However, there is a very long and good hiking trail that runs along the coast and connects several popular beaches, including:

  • Cabo San Juan del Guía – this option is considered the most popular;
  • Playa Brava. This option is considered an alternative to the Calabazo Camping Beach;
  • Playa Cristal;
  • Arrecifes;
  • Castilletes and Canaveral;
  • La Piscina.

There are many other interesting beaches on the territory, the view of which is breathtaking. However, swimming in them is prohibited due to the strong currents and large waves that are observed along the coastline. In the past, swimming was allowed, which caused numerous drownings.

It is important to carefully follow the signs that are located on the beach. There are red signs that say that swimming is prohibited. For security reasons, the recommendation cannot be ignored.

Introduction to wildlife

If you enjoy wildlife watching, Tayrona national park is the place to be. There are many animals and plants here. You can see beautiful insects, birds, and reptiles. Some are found only in this park.

Most tourists come to this place to see the rare cotton tamarin. This monkey is included in the Red Book because it is on the verge of extinction. It lives only in the north of Colombia. There are also jaguars, crabeater foxes, ocelots, and other rare species. They move freely throughout the territory.

Bird watching

Tayrona national park is considered the best place for people who enjoy bird watching. Here you can see colorful parrots, including the blue-headed species. There are rare species of hummingbirds. You cannot only watch birds but also take photos for memory.

Birds are found almost throughout Tayrona park, so you don’t have to look for them for a long time. You can see beautiful birds on the deep and main trails. Some fly right on the beach.

Camp Cabo San Juan

Today, Cabo San Juan is considered one of the most popular beaches in the Tayrona national park. It has white sand and turquoise water. Seeing such beauty, you are filled with impressions for a lifetime. The Cabo San Juan beach is covered with dense jungle. However, crowds of tourists come to the beach for different reasons.

The bottom line is that here you can set up camp and stay overnight. You can rent a tent or take it with you to Cabo San Juan. However, for this, you have to pay for the place on the Cabo San Juan beach. You can rent a hammock at Cabo San Juan beach. Even if you have some free time, try to stay at the camp for at least one night. After that, you can stop at the jungle huts.

This allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of both worlds. You can see the beautiful sunsets that occur over the Caribbean Coast. You can watch it right from the tent. It is better to make a reservation as soon as you enter the Tayrona national natural park or get to Cabo San Juan beach. After all, places are quickly sorted out.

Hike 9 Piedras

This is the best solution for those who prefer short trail walks. Route 9 Piedras consists of a length of 1.15 miles. It is located near Canaveral. The path passes in such a way that it connects 9 massive boulders that are of cultural importance to local tribes.

The trail itself runs away from the beach. Therefore, you will not meet thousands of tourists. You can independently enjoy the beauty of the area and see rare animals. Along the way, you will meet a large lagoon in which alligators live.

Nudist beach during your visiting Tayrona national park

Often, tour operators advise you to visit a nudist beach. You can get to it only by boat because it is located remotely from other territories. You should not be afraid because most of the time there are no people on the nudist beach.

Swimming in the water is prohibited due to strong currents and dangerous waves. This is the best place to avoid crowds. The walk takes no more than 10-15 minutes; however, you can enjoy peace.

The search for a rare primate

As already mentioned, the Tayrona national park is characterized by untouched nature. Almost all tourists and locals visit it to get acquainted with an unusual ecosystem that is not found anywhere else. You can go on an expedition to observe rare primates.

One of them is cotton tamarin. It lives deep in the jungle. The monkey is distinguished by its small size and is considered endemic to the region. Finding it is quite difficult. However, if you are lucky enough to see it, you will remain impressed for a long time.

It is better to forego the shared van ride if you want to see a rare animal. It is recommended to go deep into the jungle on foot. Try to move silently so as not to frighten off the primate.

Walk between palm trees during your visiting Tayrona national park

Almost all people associate the Caribbean coast with palm trees, and for good reason. This is the best solution to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Almost all the beaches that are on the territory of the Tayrona national park are complemented by beautiful palm trees. You can see coconuts on them.

Once you’ve completed camping in Cabo San Juan, it’s a good idea to get up early in the morning. This allows you to take many beautiful, memorable photos of the Cabo San Juan amazing place.

Explore the snow-capped Sierra Nevada

This attraction often surprises travelers from all over the world. In South America, you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is recommended to start observing the mountains in the early morning. They are beautifully illuminated by the sun’s rays.

You can go to the viewing platforms that are found in almost all parts of the park. Tayrona national park offers excellent views of the mountains. You should not miss the opportunity to see the Sierra Nevada mountains. After all, they are the highest mountain goal in the world, which follows along the coast.

The top of the mountain is called Pico Cristobal Colon. Its height is 3.10 mi above sea level.


If you haven’t got inside the Tayrona national natural park yet, however, you plan to do so, the easiest way is to go on a sea trip, which takes the whole day. The best carrier is the company “Louis and his team.” Yes, there are other options for companies that transport people by boat. However, the mentioned option is the best.

Tourists who buy tickets can board a sailing yacht, which is 0.01 mi long. The trip is designed for a small number of people. The yacht can accommodate no more than 25 people. Therefore, it is better to book places in advance.

All tourists can get diving equipment. You can also have lunch on board.

Camp Playa Brava

Yes, Cabo San Juan Beach is considered the most popular in the Tayrona national park. However, for those who are not ready to face numerous tourists, there is an optimal alternative. It is recommended to enter Tayrona national park not from the main park entrance, but from Calabaso.

Once you get to the coast, you can take a shared bus that takes you to Playa Brava. It is a quiet beach where you can swim. Here you can stay in your tent. However, you will have to pay for a seat. If you have not taken a tent, you can rent one for an overnight stay, or order a hammock. There is also a hotel called

Hence, the same deal. You can walk the full length to the coast or take a shared van to Playa Brava. This is a much quieter beach and also great for swimming.

As in Cabo San Juan, you can simply bring your tent or pay per night for a hammock or one of the existing tents. In addition, travelers also find here one of the best places to stay in Tayrona called Ecolodge Playa Brava.

Fresh coconut-tasting

All visitors can drink fresh coconut in the Tayrona national park. Many coconut trees are growing on the territory, so stocks are constantly available. The cost of coconut is small, and everyone can afford such a pleasure.

You need to understand that climbing on your own and picking coconuts is a bad form. After all, the locals go and sell them. Therefore, it is better to pay a local seller. Often they are all along the hiking trail to the beach of Cabo San Juan del Guia. The cost of drinking coconut is about 5,000 pesos, which equates to 1.3 dollars.

Snorkeling during your visiting Tayrona national park

As you can see, the Tayrona national park has a wide range of entertainment. You can take a mask and snorkel and go snorkeling. This allows you to get acquainted with the underwater world. Some tourists completely ignore the fact that there are areas with water in the park that are under protection.

On average, the protected area is 11.58 mi². Therefore, snorkeling is carried out only with the permission of the park management. It is recommended to engage in this sport in calm weather so that visibility is the best.

While swimming, you can see sea turtles, coral reefs, and beautiful fish. If you’re lucky, you might meet dolphins.

Overnight in a jungle hut

If you can’t decide whether to camp or not, you can stay in the jungle. To do this, there are small and cozy huts on the territory that everyone will definitely like. This is a unique opportunity to spend the night in the jungle.

There are many beaches suitable for camping in other South American countries. But not all parks can offer a night in the jungle. You can experience the beauty of spending the night surrounded by wild animals and the tropics. You can rent a hut in Mirador del Paraque. This is a good option that has been working for many years.

The staff is welcoming and friendly. The hut itself is located at the top of the hill. Therefore, you have an excellent view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Just imagine what it’s like to wake up looking like this. Believe, you will appreciate such an overnight stay and remember it for a lifetime.

Looking for new friends

Tayrona national park is quite popular among tourists. Here you can meet like-minded people. Especially if you decide to spend the night at a campsite.

As you know, an unusual atmosphere hovers in such camps at night. All tourists gather around the fire, talk, and share their travel experiences. It’s not to be missed.

Visit to El Pueblito

On the territory of the park, there is a small village in which indigenous peoples live. Archaeological excavations were often carried out here, however, in 2018, such activities became prohibited. Local authorities felt that it was necessary to protect the culture of residents. You can walk from Cabo San Juan beach to the village.

Should I visit Tayrona national park?

If you are looking for a beach with white sand and blue sea, this place is the best option for you. This is the best option if you enjoy hiking. There are several indigenous tribes here.

The name of the park is associated with an ancient civilization that developed in this area from 200 to 1600 AD. Traveling through the park, you can get acquainted with the Kogui tribe. They sell handmade crafts and coconut water. Be sure to buy goods from them to support the community.

Coconut water helps keep you cool in the heat. Watching the Kogui culture is very pleasant. After all, you have the opportunity to see the descendants of an ancient civilization with your own eyes, and not read about it in books.

However, the park also has a few downsides. It seems to many that it has become more commercial. On the way to the beach, you won’t notice it. After all, all the time you will enjoy beautiful nature, as well as acquaintance with wild animals. However, upon arrival at Cabo San Juan beach, the situation changes.

Firstly, there are always a lot of boats that bring and take tourists. So, it’s very noisy here. The beach itself is a bit dirty. However, as you move inside the park, the situation will improve. Yes, the beach is beautiful, with crystal clear water. However, a large number of tourists only spoils everything.

You can eat in restaurants. However, be prepared that the prices are very high. On average, buying scrambled eggs will cost 20,000 Colombian pesos. To save money, you have to take food with you and pack it. As soon as the day is over, most of the tourists leave. Therefore, the beach will turn into a real paradise.

What to stay in Tayrona national park?

During the hike, you face hot and humid weather, and there is no way to prevent this. Be prepared to sweat profusely along the way. That is why it is recommended to wear light clothing made of breathable materials that will be comfortable. Try not to wear many layers of clothing.

Along the way, you meet people with a huge number of bags and huge bottles of water. Try to wear comfortable shoes, because you will have to walk on uneven and slippery paths. The best solution is sneakers or sandals. Choose shoes that you won’t slip in.

Boots will not be the best option, because they are very hot. In most cases, running shoes or hiking sandals provide comfort. For clothes, you should choose shorts and a T-shirt.

Be sure to take a raincoat with you, because the weather in Colombia is unpredictable. It may rain at any moment. You should also bring flip-flops with you to comfortably enjoy a beach holiday.


When it comes to walking through the Tayrona national park, tourists may have different questions.

  1. How long do you need in Tayrona national park? If you decide to visit Tayrona park, which is in Colombia, it is recommended to stay there for a few days to spend the night surrounded by wildlife. A day trip would not be the best idea, because you cannot fully experience the existing atmosphere.
  2. Do you need a guide in Tayrona? Traveling through Tayrona park, you do not need a guide. All significant places can be explored independently. This significantly saves your budget.
  3. How do I explore Tayrona? Having fun in Tayrona park is not difficult. You can walk along the beautiful beaches and swim in the clear water. There is an opportunity to get acquainted with indigenous tribes and representatives of wildlife. This is the best place for bird watching as well as camping.
  4. Do you need yellow fever for Tayrona? Often you need to show the guard a certificate that you are vaccinated against yellow fever at the park entrance. This is a guarantee of your health because there are many insects here.
  5. What do people do in Tayrona national park? In the Tayrona national park, people can go snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs. You can just walk around the territory, or swim. You can also see the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, or go in search of a rare primate. It all depends on preferences.


As you can see, walking around the Tayrona national park is quite comfortable. This place is the best option if you cannot decide on your preferences. Here you can see many interesting places and views that you will remember for a lifetime.

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