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Abraxas Abraxas Bar Tel Aviv; quality music, high quality bar and rich menu. rating : 4 4 0 out of 5 / 19 votes

Abraxas is one of the pioneers of the bar scene on Lilenblum Street which is the official place to bar-hop in Tel aviv, opening over a decade ago. The bars and pubs on the street seem to open and be closed down rapidly, but throughout all this, Abraxas has remained the steady rock. Perhaps it is the attention paid to the music, the quality of the food or the fact that the clientele are not too young- one has to be over 24 to enter. Either way, Abraxas is the place to go for some downright quality music, with each night seeing a different line of music, accompanied by a high quality bar with a rich menu.


address: 40 Lilenblum Street

phone: 03-5104435

Open Hours: Open every day from 9pm until the last customer leaves

Categories : Nightlife , Bars

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