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HaShoftim Bar HaShoftim is one of oldest neighborhood bars in Tel Aviv, attracting a mellower, older crowd. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 16 votes

HaShoftim is one of the oldest neighborhood bars in Tel aviv, with a bunch of loyal locals, an older, mellower crowd on the whole and traditional pub food. One can sit at the bar or alternatively enjoy a meal at one of the tables whilst absorbing the jazz, blues and rock that float through the bar.
HaShoftim is open seven days a week, Sun-Thu 12:30 'til the last customer leaves, Fri 20:30 'til the last customer leaves and Sat 18:00 'til the last customer leaves.
There is parking and a smoking area, one can pay with cash or card.  HaShoftim is not kosher.


address: 39 Ibn Gavirol

phone: +972-3-695-1153

Categories : Nightlife , Bars

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