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Onami Restaurant Onami is the top Japanese restaurant, not only in Tel Aviv, but in the whole country. rating : 4.5 4.5 0 out of 5 / 20 votes

A common complaint among visitors and citizens in Israel is that quality Japanese cuisine simply can't be found in this little country. Incorrect. Onami is, without a doubt, the top Japanese restaurant, not only in Tel aviv, but in the whole country. Lovers of Japanese cuisine, you must check this restaurant out. And for those who don't place Japanese cuisine at the top of their "favorites" list- check this place out, your list might just change…
The menu is hugely varied and very imaginative with a variety of Japanese dishes that most people will never have heard of. At the centre of the restaurant is a large bar where the chefs artfully prepare the dishes. For those with no prior knowledge in Japanese cuisine, take a risk and allow the waiters/waitresses to recommend dishes- they do it well and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. Prices, as with all top Japanese cuisine are not on the moderate side of the scale but it is worth the splurge.


address: 18 Ha'arbaa Street

phone: 03-562-0981

Open Hours: Sun-Fri 12:00-last customer, Sat 13:00-last customer

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stunning presentation and mouth-wateringly good sushi reviewed June 14, 2013

absolutely heavenly-yes absolutely sushi-heaven- prices are as one may expect from a top-notch sushi place but my goodness they are worht every shekel!!!
Legendary It Is! reviewed June 2, 2013

Onami is the place I can’t resist coming back to- I come here again and again for the special sushi and for the legendary tofu
A Bitter Disappointment! reviewed May 30, 2013

We’ve had good moments with Onami for the most times we visited the place; the overall environment was friendly and welcoming and the staff there served us really well too and of course, the food was delicious! However our recent visit changed our views completely and we might never go there again; we had to wait for like ages before someone could take our order and then had to wait further for our order to be launched. It felt as if the staff was doing us a favour by serving us food which by the way is our right at a restaurant.

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