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Suzanna Restaurant Suzanna serves classical Mediterranean dishes in the beautiful neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. rating : 5 5 0 out of 5 / 25 votes

Suzanna is one of Tel aviv's treasures- located in the scenic Neve tzedek neighborhood, it has been successfully serving classic Mediterranean dishes for over a decade. The beautiful terrace surrounded by chirping birds and with the magnificent view of the sea sets the scene for a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Neve Tzedek. It can be said, hand over heart, that every single one of the dishes served in this restaurant looks and smells as good as it tastes; amazing.
The restaurant bustles at all hours due to the incredible food, lovely atmosphere and interesting mix of clientele.


address: 9 Shabazi Street

phone: 03-517-7580

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 10:30-01:00

Categories : Restaurants

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Mike Hinden
Fantastic food and service. reviewed July 30, 2018

Been here twice in a week. Hidden away on rechov shalom shabazi between the shops and before the tachana. Wonderful food and great value too.

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