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Close to the newly renovated HaTachana is Tel aviv's largest marketplace, "Carmel Market", a kaleidoscope of colors, noises and smells. Every Middle Eastern city has it's own marketplace that offers the freshest produce- bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables and Tel Aviv is no exception.
The Carmel Market is a long alleyway that is lined with colorful stalls that are manned by storekeepers who loudly present their goods. There is a section of the market, the Allenby Street side, that has mostly clothing and footwear stalls. Apart from that one can find bread, pastries, spices, fruits, vegetables, meat and basically anything that is food-related at very reasonable prices. Be sure to never accept the first price offered to you here- haggling is the name of the game!
There are several lovely Yemenite restaurants in the area that are worth a visit after passing through the Carmel Market.


address: Allenby Street, corner of HaCarmel Street

Open Hours: Sun-Thu 06:00-19:00, Fri 06:00-17:00

Categories : Shopping , Markets

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