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Best time to visit Cyprus: best conditions and list of outdoor activities for your enjoy

Cyprus is one of the most famous islands in the world. It is one of the three most populated islands in the Mediterranean. The territory is rich in historical monuments, as well as excellent beaches. Before the trip, you need to determine the best time to visit Cyprus. More travel advice you can find in this article.

Best time to visit Cyprus: months

The best time to visit Cyprus should be selected based on the weather conditions of each month, as well as based on the desired events.

Quite often, one hears the question, is Cyprus warm all year round? The weather in Cyprus changes throughout the year.


If you plan to visit Cyprus in January, don’t expect sunny weather and sunbathing opportunities on the beach.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

This month is considered the coldest on the island. During the day, the temperature is 50℉.

Sunny weather is not excluded; however, you still have to dress warmer. The sea temperatures in January are 55.4℉. It often rains. In January, the number of tourists in Cyprus is minimal, so this is the best time for a budget trip. If you are not afraid of cold weather, you can visit north Cyprus and enjoy the beauties of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


It is also a cold time to visit Cyprus.

Temperatures are slightly higher than in January.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

It’s not uncommon for temperatures to drop to 46.4℉ at night. In the middle of the month, there can be heavy rainfall.

By the end of February, the length of the day increases. Due to heavy rainfall, the villages of Cyprus have quite green landscapes. During this period, wildflowers and almond trees begin to bloom. Visiting Cyprus during this period to sunbathe on the beach is not a good idea.


It is a good time to visit Cyprus in March. During this period, it is quite sunny, and there is not a large flow of tourists.

Therefore, the trip is pleasant and memorable. Most hotels are open, so finding accommodation is not difficult. In March, citrus trees are covered with fruits.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

With the onset of March, the air temperature in Cyprus begins to rise, and during the day it can reach up to 57.2℉. There is little rainfall at the end of the month. In the sky, you can see fewer and fewer clouds, and the sun begins to shine more actively.


Quite often the question arises, what is the rainy season in Cyprus?

It is believed to be April. It frequently rains in April. However, they are not long and last only a few hours. The island is starting to change. It turns green and is covered with numerous wild flowers and fruits. It is in April that a large number of tourists come to Cyprus for different local festivals.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

Many people exploring Cyprus in April. Daytime temperatures reach 68℉. The daylight hours are 11 hours, so you have more time for walks and visiting interesting places. Given that the weather is not hot, the timing is pretty well-balanced.


At the beginning of the month, mild weather is observed, but by the end of May, the air warms up quite actively, and intense heat can be observed. The number of tourists is increasing throughout the island, so it is from May that the active tourist season in Cyprus begins.

During the peak season, all hotels, attractions, and restaurants are clogged with tourists. Therefore, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance, and to come to interesting places early in the morning. This avoids the crowd.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

It is believed that the best time to visit Cyprus is in May. There is virtually no rainfall this month, with an average air temperature of 68℉. The sky is clear and the length of the sunny day begins to increase.


This month is associated with sunshine and a warm Mediterranean climate. The number of tourists also increases this month. Often this is because the daytime air temperature reaches 82.4℉. Therefore, this is a great period to swim in the Mediterranean, soak up the beach visit village festivals, and even see the beauties of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Considering that the summer holidays have not yet begun in European countries, the cost of accommodation and flights is low. On the beaches and near the attractions, you do not find crowds of people. In June, you should visit such villages as Todos and Kakopetria.


It is from this month that the full-fledged peak season in Cyprus begins.

Therefore, many refuse to visit the island. After all, there are a lot of people on the beaches, and it is difficult to get into historical sights at all.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

If you came to the island in July, you can be calm until the end of the month. After all, it is after the 20-25th that the largest number of tourists arrive. Daytime air temperatures range from 77 to 86℉. Humidity indicators are 73%.


This month, summer begins in Cyprus. Tourists from different countries are starting to arrive. The weather is quite hot and there is a large crowd of people on the streets. Therefore, this is not the best period to visit Cyprus.

If you like noisy fancy dress parties, you can safely come to the Mediterranean island to soak up the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sights. Many are wondering, what is the hottest month in Cyprus? It is believed to be August.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

The air temperature during the day is at the level of 86℉, and the sea warms up to 80.6℉. If you cannot withstand high humidity levels, it is better to go inland, where the mountainous terrain prevails. Here the temperature is somewhat lower, and there is a fresh breeze. There is no precipitation in August.

Once, night falls and temperatures drop to 70℉, the streets begin to come alive. An overwhelming number of tourists and locals go to restaurants and bars, of which there is a huge number on the island.


September is considered one of the best months to visit Cyprus.

This is because conditions practically do not differ from summer ones, and the number of tourists is significantly reduced. September is not characterized by high levels of humidity. Life on the island is seething, and the cost of hotels is significantly reduced.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

This month in Cyprus is also considered quite hot. The air temperature during the day is at a value of 86℉. However, the nights are cooler. There is no rain, and the sea is warm enough to enjoy a beach holiday. Daylight hours are 12 hours.


By the end of October, it gets quite cold in Cyprus.

However, the temperature does not drop enough to put on jackets. The coolness is because the air is quite dry.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

This month is also quite warm and sunny, so you can take tickets. The average daytime temperature is 80℉. But at night it drops to 60℉. There are only 5 days in October when precipitation is observed. The sea is still quite warm, so nothing stops you from swimming in it.


November is still warm; however, a beach holiday is no longer the best option.

Before the trip, stock up on windbreakers and an umbrella. In the shoulder season, you can come to Cyprus to see historical and architectural sights.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

The first cold snaps come to Cyprus in November. During the day, the air temperature is 64.4℉, and at night – about 55℉. Cloudy days are not ruled out, and rainfall is increasing. The country begins a gradual adaptation to winter.


December nights in Cyprus are quite cold.

The length of a sunny day is only 7 hours. Often, tourists come to Cyprus in December to get a celebration of Christmas.

Temperature indicators and weather conditions

At the beginning of winter in Cyprus, it is quite cool. Some buildings are not heated at all, which can ruin the whole holiday. The daily air temperature is 60.8℉. It is not cold, however, and not hot compared to summer.

What festivals are held in Cyprus?

Numerous festivals are held in Cyprus, which differ in theme and scale.

Festivals in winter

For the locals, Christmas is of great importance.

Therefore, already in December, they begin to decorate their homes and offices with numerous garlands and decorations. Particular attention is paid to Christmas trees and nativity scenes, which are installed next to the cathedrals.


Considering that Christmas is considered a family holiday, all public places are closed until December 27th. In January, New Year is celebrated in Cyprus.

On this day, everything is also closed, and there are practically no people on the streets.


Epiphany begins on January 6th. In Larnaca, young people bathe in cold water, while large-scale picnics and parades are held in other regions of the island. February is famous for the Mardi Gras carnival. This island is filled with fun.

People dress up in various outfits, arrange parades, and have fun. When Green Monday starts, the locals dedicate it to cleaning their homes. At the same time, on Green Monday, eating meat is forbidden. Most families take to the streets to fly a kite on Green Monday.

Spring celebrations

On March 25, Greece celebrates Independence Day in Cyprus. On this day, all public places are also closed. Often, even stores stop working, so it is better to prepare food in advance. Locals hold parades and live music is heard everywhere.

The first of April is the national day of the Cypriots. It is an important day for the island nation. In honor of this holiday in Cyprus, several streets are named. Services are held in the Greek Orthodox church on this day. Locals organize parades and raise flags not only in public places but also in their homes.

Celebration of Greek Orthodox Easter in the Greek Orthodox church and Protestant church

Often, Easter is also celebrated in April. However, you need to understand that two Easterners are celebrated in Cyprus – Greek Easter and Protestant holiday. When Good Friday comes, which is associated with Greek Orthodox Easter, you can hear live music.

Decorated coffins can be seen along the streets. No need to be scared because this is how the locals celebrate the bright holiday. At midnight on Easter Sunday, a huge fireworks display is set off to much applause. The celebration lasts from Easter Sunday until Monday.

Labor Day

On the first week of last spring month, May 1st is Labor Day in Cyprus. This is a national public holiday. Despite this, the vast majority of stores remain open. Members of the Communist Party can march through the streets with trumpet instruments in their hands. At the end of May, the island celebrates the festival of flowers.

Its peculiarity is that everything is mixed. Attention is paid to local folklore, myths, and beliefs that are associated with religion. This festival is dedicated to the god Dionysus. There is a public holiday all over the island.

Activities in summer

In June, a fairly well-known festival called Kataklysmos is held in Cyprus. The celebration lasts for seven days, and it begins after Pentecost. However, it is better to count from the Orthodox Easter and count exactly 7 weeks.

At this time, all offices and enterprises stop working. However, settlements are filled with food stalls and fairs where you can buy everything you need.

Summer creative festivals

In mid-June, some cultures hold a Shakespeare festival. The most famous is held in Curium. An amphitheater is being built in which the actors performed.

July 2-3 is best spent in Aglancia, where the AlganJazz festival is held. The ancient square, which is in the city, begins to come to life.

The Into The Limbo festival is the best option if you prefer to listen to rock.

It is held on July 13 and lasts only 1 day.

In mid-August, namely on the 15th, the Assumption is celebrated. Greeks who profess Orthodoxy are convinced that it was on this day that the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven. Almost all public places are closed. An exception may be restaurants, hotels, and shops that are aimed at tourists.

Events in Autumn

In the first week of autumn, it is recommended to go to Limassol, where the wine festival is held. Based on the name, you can understand that this is the best place to arrange a wine tasting and enjoy a fun, festive atmosphere.

The Pafos Aphrodite festival is celebrated on the first Saturday of September.

This is the best place if you like listening to opera.

Jazz village festivals are held at the end of September. To enjoy it, head to the central square of the city of Polis. All the world’s young musicians come here and show their skills.

October 1st is Independence Day in Cyprus. Numerous military parades are held on this day. You can see orchestras that also are marching. Flags fly everywhere and the streets are beautifully decorated. October 28 is Ochi Day.

The best time to visit Cyprus

Cyprus is not always the tourist season.

High season

This season starts in June and ends only in September. This period is characterized by sunny and warm weather, so at this time you can enjoy a beach holiday. In Paphos, during this period, there are always crowds of tourists.

The sunny day is quite long and the weather is hot. Therefore, the vast majority of tourists and residents are near water bodies.

The cost of accommodation in hotels, as well as transport, is quite high.

Quite wealthy families often visit Cyprus during the high season, and their priority is to enjoy a beach holiday. However, you need to understand that you have to take places on the beach in advance. After all, if you come closer to dinner, there are no free sun loungers.

Neutral season

April-May and October-November are neutral seasons. The weather conditions are comfortable, and there are no crowds of tourists. The only negative is that only daredevils can go into the sea because the water is quite cold. During these periods, a gradual decline in prices for transport and housing begins.

Many are wondering, What is the best month to go to Cyprus? If you want to get acquainted with the architecture and sights of Cyprus, you can safely come to the island in the off-season. After all, there are no crowds of tourists, and you can fully explore the territory.

Low season

November to April is quite a low season. The air temperature is low; however, there is still a large number of sunny days. Sunbathing on the beach is no longer possible. The water is quite cold, so swimming is not recommended. However, nothing prevents you from arranging a walk along the beaches of Cyprus.

The main advantage of the low season is that food, transport, and accommodation prices are quite low.

This is because there are practically no tourists on the island.

When to go to Cyprus for a honeymoon?

If you decide to spend your honeymoon in Cyprus, it is recommended to come in May-June and September-October. The weather is warm enough for the beach and hiking. But prices haven’t gone up yet.

When to come to Cyprus for nightlife?

If you prefer to walk around different clubs and bars, be sure to visit Ayia Napa. Most parties take place in Ayia Napa. During the summer, famous DJs come to the clubs of Cyprus, and the parties last all night long. The best time to travel is June-September.


As you can see, you can travel around Cyprus throughout the year. The exact dates depend on the purpose for which you come to the island. However, the best period would be the off-season.

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