Tel aviv as we know it today, grew out of the ancient port city of Jaffa. In the south of Jaffa is located the neighborhood of Ajami, made famous by the film Ajami in 2009 which explored the life of the largely Arab population that resides in the neighborhood. Many tourists fail to visit Ajami due to it’s location; south of the major tourist attractions of Jaffa- this is a shame as Ajami offers a truly unique cultural experience- the only place in Greater Tel Aviv where Jews and Arabs live side-by-side.
Some places worth popping into in Ajami are Hamidron Park which means “the slope park” and is a very beautiful park located in the neighborhood; Derech HaGuf the chic wellness center which offers fantastic wellness services and the Peres Center for Peace that hosts activities that promote coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel and worldwide.


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