Dallal Restaurant

Dallal is a bistro-inspired restaurant that is situated on the ruins of three beautifully restored buildings, within walking distance of the Suzanne Dallal Centre in Neve tzedek. The lovely view of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the conserved buildings in the area create a special atmosphere that almost takes one back in time to the beginning of Tel aviv when Neve Tzedek was one of the first neighborhoods.
The use of local produce is a given in Dallal and the Chef Golan Garfunkel infuses the dishes with Mediterranean accents. The restaurant itself consists of an outdoor yard, foyer, internal courtyard and hosting area. The food is a fusion of French and Israeli cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, there is a bakery and coffee shop that serve some excellent French pastries and is the perfect place for breakfast.



address: 10 Shabazi Street

phone: 057-943-9499

Open Hours: Sun-Sat 09:00-00:30

Categories : Restaurants

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3 thoughts on “Dallal Restaurant

  • Overpriced, overhyped, tourist trap
    Overpriced tourist trap, with average food,with above average prices that certainly do not justify the effort

  • very disepointed costumer!
    I visited Dallal restaurant last week to have breakfast. The place looks super nice and welcoming however the menu was kind of strange.. you have to pay for every item you order: coffee, bread, cheese… don’t count on paying under 100 NIS -twice as much as you’d pay elsewhere and do not suppose the standard justifies this. In addition, the amounts are simply ridiculous. if you order cheese you receive about one spoonful of it, for 8 to 16 NIS, depends on the cheese. Do avoid this restaurant . You will find lots of real nice generous restaurants in Tel Aviv.

  • A wonderful place for breakfast in TLV!
    we woke up for a late breakfast on last Sunday. The recommendation for Dallal restaurant came from an friend we trust so expectations were very high. we were not disappointed. you will find interesting dishes there, not those you normally expect. the service was excellent and the price was in an acceptable cost (expensive… but reasonable). we recommend it!


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