Vicky Cristina Restaurant

Vicky Cristina is located in the new Tachana complex, located between the Neve tzedek neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea. Located in a spacious patio, under an ancient rubber tree, the tapas restaurant, Vicky, is located on the right side of the patio, whereas the wine bar, Cristina, is located on the left. The tapas restaurant is characterized by its intimate setting, soft background music and leisurely opening hours that begin in the early afternoon. The wine bar opens daily from 19:00.

Diners sit on high bar stools around the garden; enjoy Spanish music, 120 different wines, flamenco dancing and an all-round great atmosphere. Vicky Cristina is a way to enjoy two worlds- those of tapas and wine- at the same time.




address: Prof. Yehezkel Kaufmann 2, Tel Aviv

phone: 057-9444144

Open Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00 till last customer, Business lunch Sun-Thu 12:00-17:00

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3 thoughts on “Vicky Cristina Restaurant

  • Five Stars for the Atmosphere
    Vicky Cristina makes you comfortable in a seating located on the outside and allows you to help yourselves to cocktails and light meals while enjoying scenic views.

  • Spanish in Tel Aviv
    Vicky Cristina is one of its kind- the bar, the Spanish food with the middle eastern touch and the Israeli service all make a perfect blend and manage to give you an overwhelming experience. Enjoy the people and the crowd around you along with some good food.

  • An Afternoon Spent Well
    It was perhaps by accident that I discovered Vicky Cristina – I was lurking around the Old Railway Station when I decided to treat myself to lunch. With a lot of tapas and the great alfresco environment of the restaurant, I was overwhelmed. The price range was also pretty feasible and you can finish your meals with a wine that is available in bottles as well as glasses. Relax your mind and eat out at this place!


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