Best time to visit Austria: what to visit in Austria in winter, spring, summer, and autumn?

One of the favorite places among tourists is Austria. It has numerous sights that remain in your memories forever. More details about the best time to visit Austria you can find in this article.

Best time to visit Austria

Choosing the season to visit Austria

When choosing the best time to visit Austria, you should be guided by the reason for which you want to visit the country. Some go to Austria to enjoy the scenery, others to show off on skis. More details about the selection of the season we describe below.

Spring in Austria

The average temperature in Austria in this period ranged from 48° to 59℉. Weather conditions are optimal to travel around the country. Yes, for some, this average temperature may seem very cool. However, this is not an indicator of staying at home.

At the beginning of this time, the snow begins to melt, and the trees are covered with leaves. You can independently watch how nature wakes up. Many tourists come to Austria, namely to the village of Styria, in April. A famous Styria village event takes place here.

You can chat with the locals.

Easter is celebrated quite actively in Austria. In May, you can visit the Genussfestival food fair, where you can taste Austrian cuisine. It is the off-season. That is why here you find many interesting places and can expect prices that satisfy you. Spring is the best time to visit Hofburg.

Here is the most famous monument palace in the country. Many people like to walk through the meadows and forests of the Alps. If you are planning a trip around the country in March, stock up on warm clothes. In April, you should arm yourself with an umbrella or raincoat. After all, it may rain unexpectedly.

Austria is a very hospitable country. Therefore, you do not have to book tickets or hotel rooms in advance. There are vacant rooms even upon arrival in the place in all hotels.

Summer in Austria and midsummer night celebration

The average temperature in the summer months in Austria is 86℉. During the day it is quite sunny, and in the evening a slight coolness comes. That is why summer is the best period to visit the picturesque Austrian cities. During the high season, Austria is overwhelmed with tourists, driving up the cost of tickets, hotels, and public areas.

Of the positive aspects of summer, it is the blue sky, as well as the aroma of flowering meadows. In summer, you can take beautiful pictures in the Alps.

Many people are wondering, what is the rainiest month in Austria? They are in June. However, during this period, numerous festivals and outdoor activities are held in the country, including the celebration of the summer night. That is why, despite the weather, tourists come to Austria in June.

With the onset of July, dry and cool weather prevails. In August, the air temperature warms up more, so tourists and locals go to the reservoirs and have a midsummer night celebration. Lakes Plansee and Hallstatt are the most popular, so local hotels book rooms a year in advance.

Autumn season in Austria. When is Vienna Fashion Week?

Early autumn in Austria has rather cool days. The weather is a bit like early summer, except for the lack of rain. During this period, you can ride bicycles, walk around the city, or go boating. You can take beautiful pictures against the backdrop of colorful trees.

September is also a peak season for tourists. After all, most families who rested with children go home. Therefore, the prices of public places and hotels are starting to fall. It is in autumn that Fashion Week takes place. In the same season, the Vienna Film Festival takes place.

In November, ballroom dancing competitions are held. Many tourists visit the Philharmonic Ball and the Bonbon Ball. In autumn, it is best to visit the countryside, which is located among the numerous mountain hills.

Winter months in Austria

The least number of tourists in Austria is in winter. However, it is during this low season that numerous discounts are observed not only in stores but also in hotels. However, the increase in prices is observed in the ski resorts of Austria. If you want to go skiing with your family, be prepared to spend a lot.

The beginning of the winter season occurs in November, and it ends only in March. Given that Austria is located near the Alps, the air temperature can drop below zero. Even on a sunny day, it can be cold. The air temperature ranges from 23° to 44℉.

You may fall into a heavy snowfall. Quite often there is foggy weather, which can spoil visibility. On such days, it is better to refuse skiing.

In winter, there are few cultural festivals in Austria. However, there is an active preparation for the Christmas holidays. If you are in search of a snowy and white Christmas, be sure to head to Alpbach village. Don’t forget to visit the medieval village of Feldkirch.

If you love birds, be sure to go to Vienna in February. Here you can spend excellent romantic evenings with your soulmate and all the love birds.

You can visit both classic restaurants and go to an idyllic resort in the countryside.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to choose accommodation that is within walking distance of important places. After all, in the event of heavy snowfall, you cannot get where you want. This significantly spoils the holiday. Be sure to bring plenty of warm clothes with you to keep warm.

What is the peak season in Austria? Best season to visit Austria

If you are planning travel to Austria, it is better not to do this during the low season. The peak season is April month, which falls during the shoulder season. Yes, during this period the weather can be unpredictable. It is possible that rainy warm weather with 59℉.

April is the best month not only for visiting Vienna, but also for its surroundings. You can enjoy classical music festivals and Austrian culture. Often they are held in concert halls or monasteries, so the weather can spoil the impression.

The countryside is still cool, even though winter is long behind. However, you can visit mountain paths and take beautiful photos. An important advantage of traveling in April is the low cost of tickets and hotels. But in May, prices rise due to the influx of tourists.

September is no less a suitable month for visiting Austria. Tourist season is over because they need to go to work and school. At the same time, the weather remains very good, and prices are reduced. Therefore, you can not only treat yourself to walks but also visit significant places.

Rainy weather is not ruled out in September. However, every year the September weather is very different. Therefore, just in case, take waterproof clothes and umbrellas with you. In September, small towns that are located along the Danube River are very popular.

At the end of September, you can watch how nature is transformed and becomes more colorful. Therefore, you can go for a bike ride and ride through the Austrian countryside. You can take the train from Vienna and ride through the hills.

When is the best time to go to Vienna?

The capital of Austria is Vienna. It is beautiful, regardless of the time of year. Tourists often come to the capital to visit numerous museums, palaces, and galleries. However, some seasons change Vienna for the better.

Many people ask what is the best month to visit Vienna. If you don’t have a special reason for summer travel to Vienna, you can go in spring or September. As already mentioned, during the shoulder season, prices are quite budgetary, and the temperature is kept at an optimal level. It won’t be cold or hot.

In spring and autumn, there is a slowdown or preparation for the tourist season. Therefore, there are not many tourists. In winter, it is appropriate to visit Vienna if you want to fully enjoy the beauty of the Old Town. After all, it looks very magical under the snow cover.

Even though winter is not the high season, there are numerous Christmas markets throughout the city. There are beautiful garlands in the whole city. This period starts in mid-November.

The most popular during visiting Austria and locals is the Christmas festival, which is held in the Town Hall Square. Here you can go ice skating and carousels. The opportunity to get acquainted with traditional crafts deserves special attention. Here you can sing carols and taste traditional treats.

Ball season is from November to February. You can take part in the waltz. In total, about 500 balls pass during this period. You are required to attend such performances, even if you do not have dance skills. It should be noted that it is quite cold in Vienna in winter. Therefore, be sure to stock up on warm clothes.

When to visit Salzburg?

It was in this city that Mozart was born. Salzburg attracts tourists with beautiful Alpine landscapes and unusual architecture, which was made in the Baroque style. Numerous parks and royal gardens are located throughout the city. The autumn gardens, which are located near the Mirabell Palace, deserve special attention.

It is recommended to visit Salzburg at the end of the summer season to enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and the Salzburg festival. Parks and gardens are still green, which creates a beautiful and unique landscape. It is in September that you can enjoy low prices for restaurants, and flights. The hotel prices are also very enjoyable.

If September seems too cold for you, with temperatures ranging from 52° to 68 ℉, then come to Salzburg in May. During this period, the temperature does not fall below 59 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in Salzburg, at the end of May, numerous precipitations fall.

On average, there can be up to 13 rainy days per month. If this does not scare you, feel free to order tickets. Regardless of the selected period, you encounter “string rain”. It manifests itself in the form of a slight drizzle, so the walk is not disturbed.

When is the best time to visit Hallstatt?

Near the village of Hallstatt, there is a lake of the same name. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Austria. In ancient times, the city was famous for its salt production. After that, it became popular due to the trails that lead to the glacier of the Ahern Valley.

All the houses that are in the city were built in 1700. Nearby there is a deep blue lake. You can swim in it. If necessary, you can rent a boat and take a ride on it. People come to Hallstatt to plunge into the pristine nature and take beautiful photos.

Tourists come to Hallstatt all year round. However, spring is the best time to visit the town. This period is optimal if you do not want to crowd.

With the onset of June, there is a massive influx of tourists, which provokes a strong increase in prices.

Quite often, huge queues form on the narrow paths that lead to the Skywalk. This is because the attraction is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is a famous observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 350 meters. It offers a beautiful view of the lake and the city.

In spring, it is slightly cool, so not everyone decides to swim in the lake. However, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to rise to 70 °F, so you’ll be able to spend a day out in the sun while taking in the surroundings.

In the spring, it may rain unexpectedly. However, it often doesn’t last long, so you can protect yourself from getting wet with a light jacket. In the spring, Hallstatt is distinguished by favorable prices and numerous discounts.

If you are not afraid of rising prices, be sure to come to the city in winter. Hallstatt turns into a real winter fairy tale. Tourists begin walking along the hiking trails using cross-country skis and snowshoes. The streets are decorated with numerous lights, which makes them magical.

When to visit the Austrian Alps?

Before determining the best time to visit the Alps, you should decide on the reason for such travel. If you prefer snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, come to the mountains in winter, namely in January. This period is optimal for winter sports.

The air temperature stays at 15-16°F and there is a lot of snow. The atmosphere of a winter fairy tale is created. In the Alps, there are places not only for experienced skiers but also for beginners. Therefore, everyone can find the best routes for themselves.

Even though winter is the best time to visit the Alps, prices can be high in December. This is due to the large influx of tourists who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the snowy mountains. In January, prices begin to drop as the New Year holidays end and everyone goes home.

If you want to visit the Alps for hiking, it is better to come in July. Very hot weather persists in almost the entire territory of Austria. In the Alps, the temperature does not rise above 70℉. The weather is sunny. If you plan to walk in the mornings or evenings, be sure to stock up on a jacket.

In the summer, severe thunderstorms are observed in the Alps. If you decide to visit the mountains during this period, bring a raincoat with you. If in the main territory of Austria there is an increase in prices in the summer, then in the Alps the situation is reversed. Almost all housing is affordable.


When planning a trip to Austria, tourists ask numerous questions. Most of them are answered in the article. Below are answers to equally popular questions.

How many days do you need in Austria?

If you want to truly enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Austria, you should spend at least 10 days in it. This is enough to visit all the important cities of the country, including Vienna, Linz, and the Old Town.

Is Austria better in summer or winter?

It is impossible to say exactly which season is the best. After all, it all depends on the purpose of the trip.

If you want to enjoy the architecture and the beauty of nature, come to Austria in the summer.

To plunge into the Christmas atmosphere, and show off on skis, winter is the best time.


As you can see, there is no better time to visit Austria. You need to focus on the purpose of the trip, as well as financial possibilities. For a budget holiday, you should choose spring or autumn. But those who are not used to saving can travel around Austria in summer and winter.

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