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Reading 3 is located in the northern part of the Tel aviv Port and the love for music that was the basis for its establishment is reflected clearly in the lighting and sound systems that are among the most advanced in the world. The huge stage hosts musical performances and different artistic programs from within Israel and from around the world. There is also a restaurant on site which provides drinks and snacks for the patrons of the club.


address: 3 Ha'Ta'arucha St. Tel Aviv

phone: 03-762-4000

Categories : Nightlife , Live Music

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Ben 0.png reviewed June 13, 2013

I've seen some comments on travel sites asking why few foreign visitors go to nightclubs in Israel. The Reading 3 club in Tel Aviv is a good example of why not. On a visit to the club in July 2013, here were our experiences that are likely to deter many foreigners but not necessarily locals: 1) Before the concert, projected on each side of the stage were large "smoking prohibited" signs. When the lights went down for the start of the show, these signs disappeared (although there were still hard-to-read dark no-smoking signs posted on the black columns holding up the ceiling). Very soon, what seemed at least half the audience lit up cigarettes. The club security made no effort to ask these smokers to stop. An Israeli friend told me afterwards that to her knowledge, the smoking tolerated by the club is illegal. When my wife and I left at the end of the evening, we both stank of cigarette. We hadn't experienced that in Europe or the U.S. for at least the past 10 years. Whether illegal or not, this club should inform everyone on a web site available in English -- not just Hebrew -- that smoking is tolerated in this club. 2) The Google translation of the club's Hebrew-language site said food is available at the club. The night I attended, we were told by the waitress that no food was available. Nearby Israelis were grumbling about that, tossing away in disgust a menu (in Hebrew only) which they said was a food menu. 3) The club is divided into a large standing-room area and a "table" area with seating around the perimeter. The table seating costs exactly double the cost of standing room. Yet, the night when we were there, no security prevented standing-room customers from walking into the table area and sitting down. I have never seen such a lack of security in any similar club outside of Israel. At our table, although before the show began a club employee checked our tickets twice to make sure we had paid for the seats, after the lights went out a young, drunken couple came from the standing area and sat down at our table without anyone questioning them. The young girl started to blow smoke in my wife's face and refused her request to stop smoking or move elsewhere. Only after this girl started to shove my wife over her "right" to smoke did security show up and eject these people from the table area. 4) The show was scheduled to start at 10:00 p,m., but it did not actually start until 10:45. Only visitors who are not on a tight schedule need attend. In sum, if Reading 3 is typical, Tel Aviv clubs really don't care whether foreign visitors are comfortable or not. Visitors, attend at your own risk!

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