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Tel Aviv Restaurants

Tel aviv has an astonishing variety of restaurants and one can be sure to find the place that caters to the specific cuisine that you desire when out and about in the city. Fast-food joints with both international and Israeli food choices, caf?s with expansive light menus, elegant restaurants with gourmet dishes, fresh-fruit stands and, of course, ice cream parlors are just some of the options.
The legendary Abu Hasan in Jaffa is famous for it's authentic Arab Hummus and is one of the famous fast-food places that Israel is famous for.  Raphael is a chic bistro which emphasis use of local produce and draws inspiration from cooking methods from around the world- it is also considered to be one of Tel Aviv's most elegant restaurants.  High-quality Kosher restaurants can also be found in Tel Aviv, including Lilith, a fine establishment that successfully juggles social awareness; teenagers-at-risk are employed as kitchen-staff in an attempt to introduce them to the professional world; and impressive culinary delights. Ice-cream parlors in Tel Aviv are an adventure-unto-themselves with traditional flavors found alongside weird and wonderful flavors such as alcohol liqueurs and the Middle-Eastern sweet Halva.
These are a just a mere handful of the exciting eating opportunities that Tel Aviv has to offer…

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The Far Eastern flavors with the mantra peaceful atmosphere in China Court makes you feel as if you are in China. A quiet music in the background and a rich menu made with the traditional Chinese kitchen secrets, makes this restaurant a great choice for a special lunch or dinner.

Pekin - a 30 years old restaurant- combines dishes from all around the far east (China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam). What began as another tiny restaurant long time ago, became a TA empire with two floors and a special zen garden but still, managed to maintain the homely atmosphere.

Located at the most famous Blvd in Tel-Aviv- "Sderot Rotschild", this bistro-bar-restaurant offers a rich and wide menu with affordable prices for every budget.
Go Noodles & sushi Bar was the first place in Israel to offer a healthy, far eastern style fast food. The place also offers a good TA service, but if you're walking down Ibn Gabirol (a well known main street in the center of Tel-Aviv) you should definitely grab a bite here.

The vegetarian "Mashausha" is a well known place for Hummus in the center of Tel-Aviv. A qualitative middle eastern cuisine.

A Mediterranean restaurant with Californian influences, located on the water front of the spectacular beach Giv'at Alya in Jaffa. Besides the magical view of the ocean, the restaurant offers a varied and sophisticated menu for breakfast and lunch.

Right next to the Karmel market, in the center of Tel-Aviv, stands Gedera twenty six, a restaurant and a market cuisine. The lunch menu consists of simple and fine dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, while the dinner menu is a bit more sםophisticated and includes sea food and meet, made with fresh ingredients from the market.

Simple, homey and healthy food is what you will find in Liv restaurant. Inspired by the middle-eastern cuisine, Liv serves dishes made of organic, daily bought vegetables combined with Whole grains, legumes, fish and meat. Inside the restaurant you'll find long shared tables which brings people closer in the dining experience and gives the place a unique atmosphere of home.

Liliyot restaurant is known as one of the best culinary institutions in Israel. It's located at the Asia building, in the heart of Tel-Aviv. The restaurant's chef - Noam Dekkers, has created a high quality, modern and Kosher Israeli kitchen. The restaurant also offers privet, intimate rooms for 15-60 guests, a conference room and a privet auditorium for lectures and presentations. But the moss unique thing about the restaurant is it's collaboration with Elem - "the organization for youth at risk". Each year Liliyot employs 15 young people, trains them and provides them social and professional tools for life.

Toto restaurant is located in the Tel-Aviv Museum tower. The menu offers a varied, creative mediterranean dishes, made with the best ingredients.

Located above the farmers market in the beautiful port of Tel-Aviv - the Kitchen Market is a contemporary fusion restaurant, run by the chef Yossi Shitrit. In the Kitchen Market one can enjoy an amazing harbor view, while tasting fresh seasonal food, made with organic vegetables from the market.
Raouf & Atina is a 25 years old Middle-Eastern restaurant located on the coast of Tel-Aviv. It's named after the Greek brother and sister who run the restaurant and specializes in fresh seafood and fish.

Welcome to the “Cordelia Home” (Chef Nir Zook’s Plaza in Jaffa), offering  a perfect experience of inspired culinary hosting, and enjoying tremendous success for many years. The Plaza reflects a hosting experience unique to the Chef, in which the joy of cooking and creating are manifested in a variety of shapes and forms that create one precise whole. The “Cordelia Home” includes a few different areas which characterize unique hosting styles from the Chef’s creative world.

The “Cordelia Home” resides in an ancient structure from the Ottoman era, on Hazorfim St. in Old jaffa. It has a spectacular architectural uniqueness, with its high ceilings, big arches and an indoor garden. The artist Orit Porat-Haviv is responsible for the Plaza’s design.

The new Cordelia Plaza is open Monday through Saturday, from 6:30 PM until the last customer. Address: Hazorfim 14, Jaffa. Tel.: 03-5184668
Mexicana - an ethnic Mexican restaurant, characterized by a variety of Mexican tastes mixed with American-style TexMex offerings. The restaurant which is located a minute walk from the beach, is decorated in authentic Mexican style and plays Mexican music, which makes you feel as if you are having a lunch on some mexican beach.

Mezcal is a Mexican Gastro-bar restaurant. With over 40 kinds of Tequila and authentic mexican dishes, this colorful place offers a joyful and tasty mexican experience.

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