Neve Tzedek

Neve tzedek, located south-east of the Yemenite Quarter, is considered one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Tel aviv and sees countless visitors passing through due to the intriguing architecture, cultural places of interest and village-like feel.
Neve Tzedek translates to mean “Oasis of Justice” and truly lives up to it’s name, providing a peaceful, beautiful haven in the non-stop city of Tel Aviv. Visitors meander down the attractive streets, take in the restored buildings, visit attractions and stop for a bite at one of the restaurants on the way.
In 1887 a group of Jewish families left the overcrowded Jaffa, built new homes outside of the city walls and Neve Tzedek was born. In the following years Neve Tzedek didn’t develop as expected as it lost inhabitants to the new city of Tel Aviv. With time thought people started moving back in trying to escape the business of Tel Aviv and in the eighties Neve Tzedek experienced a rebirth with new life and spirit pervading it’s streets.
Things to do in Neve Tzedek:
•    Shabazi Street is the main street in Neve Tzedek and is worth exploring as are it’s side streets that are home to little, often surprising stores.
•    The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre is Israel‘s top dance center and has achieved international recognition for it’s architecture. There are lovely small gardens on site too as well as a café.
•    The Rokach House is one of the earliest buildings in Neve Tzedek.
•    The Chlouche House is an art gallery with a panoramic view of Tel Aviv from the roof.
•    The Nahum Gutman Museum is not only a fine example of the Bauhaus style of architecture but is also an art collection of the artist Nahum Gutman.




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